Everett Rug LifestyleEverett Rug

Everett Rug

From $568.00

Judson RugJudson Rug

Judson Rug

From $278.00

Gates RugGates Rug

Gates Rug

From $724.00

Leni Pewter Jute Rug LifestyleLeni Rug

Leni Rug

From $114.00

Kirby Natural Rug LifestyleKirby Rug

Kirby Rug

From $564.00

Tory RugTory Rug

Tory Rug

From $568.00

Heights Wool RugHeights Rug

Heights Rug

From $168.00

Shepherd RugShepherd Rug

Shepherd Rug

From $724.00

Calder Jute Rug LifestyleCalder Rug

Calder Rug

From $168.00

Roark Ivory Wool Rug LifestyleRoark Rug

Roark Rug

From $398.00

Moss Jute Rug LifestyleMoss Rug

Moss Rug

From $154.00

Malone Everglade Wool Rug LifestyleMalone Rug

Malone Rug

From $398.00

Lewis Natural Rug LifestyleLewis Rug

Lewis Rug

From $78.00


Marie Flanigan's rug collection is a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality, offering a wide array of patterns and designs to elevate any living space. From runners to large rugs, her offerings cater to diverse tastes and needs, making each rug a carefully curated piece of art. The undulations and nuanced gem tones in her collection infuse depth and character into interiors, creating a sense of movement that draws the eye. 

Elevated detailing is a hallmark of this rug collection. All rugs meticulously crafted from natural materials contribute to the collection's transitional aesthetic. Living room area rugs serve as anchors, defining the space and inviting conversation. For dining rooms and entryways, these designer rugs transform areas into welcoming sanctuaries, while bedroom area rugs provide both comfort and style. 

Marie Flanigan's rug collection encompasses a range of choices, with a color palette and materials all inspired by nature. Every rug in this collection marries artistry and function, transcending the boundaries of traditional rug design. 

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