Marie Flanigan's bestselling book, "The Beauty of Home: Redefining Traditional Interiors," has resonated widely, selling over 20,000 copies. This first book showcases Marie's distinctive style, blending timeless elegance with modern sensibilities. Through stunning photography and insightful narratives, "The Beauty of Home" offers readers a comprehensive look into Marie's design philosophy, providing both inspiration and practical advice for crafting inviting living spaces.

Following the success of her debut, Marie is eagerly anticipating the release of her next book, "The Perfect Room: Timeless Designs for Intentional Living," scheduled for September 2024. This upcoming publication promises to explore in-depth the art of designing flawless interiors that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. With her expertise and meticulous attention to detail, Marie Flanigan continues to inspire homeowners and design aficionados, guiding them toward achieving their vision of the perfect home.

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