Dorothy BlanketDorothy Blanket

Dorothy Blanket

From $328.00

Faye Duvet CoverFaye Duvet Cover

Faye Duvet Cover

From $338.00

Faye Linen Sheet StackFaye Sheet Set

Faye Sheet Set

From $378.00

Faye ShamFaye Sham

Faye Sham

From $68.00

Faye PillowcasesFaye Pillowcases

Faye Pillowcases

From $88.00

Leigh Linen Bedding LifesytleLeigh Duvet Cover

Leigh Duvet Cover

From $448.00

Leigh  ShamLeigh  Sham

Leigh Sham

From $88.00

Talus Plaster Reverse DuvetTalus Duvet Cover

Talus Duvet Cover

From $598.00

Talus ShamTalus Sham

Talus Sham

From $98.00

Taft Quilt

Taft Quilt

From $448.00

Taft Quilted ShamTaft Quilted Sham

Taft Quilted Sham

From $98.00

Create a Serene Bedroom Retreat with Our Premium Bedding

Explore everything you need to create beautiful layers and texture with soft finishes like bedding, throw blankets, throw pillows, quilts, and sheet sets. This exquisite collection of bedding redefines the essence of luxury in interior design. Luxurious bedding is the cornerstone of a well-appointed bedroom, and this collection offers opulent choices that elevate any decor.

Varied and thoughtful bedding options underscore the importance of living well within a space. Further, these pieces can be used as elevated pieces for a sophisticated space or cute bedding for a touch of whimsy and personality in a child’s room. As you’re winding down for the day, a layered bed creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Transitional and modern bedding from this collection boasts sleek lines, interesting contemporary patterns, and beautiful detailing. These luxury designer bedding sets, carefully curated by Marie Flanigan, redefine the concept of indulgence.

To truly complete the space, throw pillows and blankets are versatile accessories, adding texture and warmth to any seating area or bed. Whether you're looking for the best throws blankets, throws for beds, or decorative throws, our collection offers an unparalleled selection that can transform your home into a sanctuary of design and comfort.

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