Warby Sideboard

Worn oak shapes a streamlined box-style sideboard, with lap joint corners for a detail-driven touch.
Color: Black

The Warby Sideboard is 94"W x 18"D x 30"H. It is built of solid oak and oak veneer.

Solid Oak and Oak Veneer

How to care for the Warby Sideboard: address spills immediately by wiping with a dry, soft cloth. Use coasters, trivets, and placemats for protection against hot or wet items. Dust regularly with a soft, damp cloth, followed by a dry one. Spot clean as needed with a soft cloth and mild soap. Do not use furniture polish, ammonia-based cleaners, or other chemicals as they will leave a wax builtup and will change the appearance of the wood over time. Avoid using abrasive cleaners, chemical solvents, strong detergents, furniture polish and cleaners with bleach. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

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