Sandstone Long Neck Vase

Unearth the epitome of sophistication with our exquisite Sandstone Long Neck Vase, hand-thrown on a wheel using high-quality stoneware clay. This remarkable piece of artistry effortlessly marries form and function, offering a unique and timeless addition to your decor. This vase embodies an enduring allure with its handcrafted imperfections and tactile quality. It exudes charm that elevates any space with its warm and inviting presence.
Color: Sandstone White

Only 5 pieces in stock!

Sandstone Long Neck Vase is 13H x 6.5W. Each ceramic piece is hand thrown on a wheel and is one of a kind. Subtle variations in color, finish, shape and size are part of the unique character of the individual pieces. We try to ensure accurate descriptions and photographs, however, each item will have its own distinct characteristics.

Stoneware Clay

How to care for the Sandstone Long Neck Vase: wipe clean using a soft, dry cloth or static duster.

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