Rug Pad

The Floor Lock Solid Rug Pad provides extra cushion, insulation, and a no-slip grip on both hard and carpeted surfaces, keeping your rugs in place and your floors and carpets protected.
Color: Grey

Made from partly recycled materials so variations in color and texture may occur.

60% Rubber/40% Latex

Caring for the Rug Pad - Please always follow floor manufacturer's instructions when using a rug pad. Suitable for use on radiant heat floors not exceeding 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Hand wash with mild detergent, rinse, and lay flat to dry.

The Rug Pad is expected to ship within 5 business days. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. To manage freight costs; the 8x10, 9x12 and 10x14 sizes will ship in two pieces.

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