Menil 40" Chandelier

Ideal for grand foyers, dining halls, or expansive living areas, the Menil 40" Chandelier commands attention with its stunning size. Its exquisite design adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any room, making it a statement piece that elevates your decor to new heights.
Color: Soft Brass

Specifications in Inches: Height: 31.25", Width: 40", Canopy: 6" Round, Lightsource: Dedicated LED, Wattage: 85w (10200lm), Chain Length: 6 ft, Weight: 70 lbs.

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Soft Brass

How to care for the Menil 40" Chandelier: clean with a soft, dry cloth.

The Menil 40" Chandelier is expected to ship in late June. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Comes in 1 Carton - 9" H x 47" L x 47" W. Weighs 87 lbs.

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