LAGOA Coffee Serving Set by Costa Nova

Modern design with a handcrafted feel. These pieces are versatile and offer the perfect balance between contemporary style and durability. Perfectly imperfect in shape and naturally tactile, these pair elements of artisanal feel with modern finishes. The dark metallic finish effortlessly enhances your own personal style in any occasion.
Color: Lagoa Metal

Coffee Serving Set: Creamer - 4'' x 3.5'' H3'' | 6 oz.; Rect. tray - 7.25'' x 4.5'' H1''; Sugar bowl - D3.5'' H3.5'' | 6 oz. Oven, feezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. All pieces manufactured in fine stoneware have high thermal shock resistance, withstanding temperature variations between -20ºC and 250ºC (0ºF to 500ºF). The maximum thermal variation advised is 180ºC (350ºF). As a precaution, you should avoid placing pieces straight from the oven on a cold surface. Do not use it over a direct flame. All of our pieces are easy to wash and clean and abrasive cleaners can be used without the risk of damaging the surface due to its high durability and low porosity. As a precaution we recommend you hand wash oversized items and more delicate pieces by hand. All products meet the standards established by International Standards including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with regard to lead and cadmium and are food safe.

Fine Stoneware with Matte Glaze

How to care for the Coffee Serving Set: dishwasher safe.

The Coffee Serving Set is expected to ship in April. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

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