Avedon 11" Cordless Accent Lamp

The Avedon Accent Lamp is cordless, making it easy to place anywhere you need an extra touch of light. Whether used as a centerpiece on your dining table or to add ambiance to your living room, this lamp is sure to enhance your decor with its contemporary charm.
Color: Natural Rattan

Specifications in Inches: Height: 11.75", Width: 10.5", Base: 3.5" Round, Lightsource:Rechargeable LED w/ Touch Dimmer, Wattage: 2w (60-250lm, Shade Details: 6" x 10.5" x 5.75", Weight: 3 lbs. Note: UL Only | Rechargeable Custom LED Lightsource Included.

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White Plaster Rattan or Natural Rattan Base

How to care for the Avedon 11" Cordless Accent Lamp: clean with a soft, dry cloth.

The Avedon 11" Cordless Accent Lamp is expected to ship within 5 business days. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Comes in 1 carton, 5 lbs.

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