Floral Study by Marie Flanigan


I’m thrilled to introduce the first installment of my bespoke collection. This series, Flower Study, is inspired by some of the custom details we include in client homes. The nine pieces within Flower Study are meticulously sculpted, molded, and cast to create bespoke artworks that add depth, texture, and subtle beauty to any home. Each floral element is hand-applied onto plaster wood boards, then carefully arranged within crafted wood frames, painted with timeless hues, and subtly gilded. These limited sculptural reliefs, individually numbered and signed, bear slight variations, reflecting the unique touch of handmade artistry that sets them apart.

about the collection

What is the Marie Flanigan Bespoke Collection:

The Bespoke Collection will be comprised of various product drops reminiscent of Marie's design work. Offering an opportunity to bring her signature style directly into your home, these pieces will provide a cohesive and personalized experience for those seeking to enhance their living spaces with her distinctive touch.


Nature serves as an endless wellspring of inspiration, guiding the creation of art that mirrors its timeless elegance and organic beauty. Each stroke of the brush or sculpted form echoes the intricate patterns and harmonious colors found in the natural world, inviting a sense of tranquility and connection into our living spaces.



Plaster flower murals, an intricate and delicate touch often incorporated into my client’s homes, has become somewhat of a signature detail for Marie Flanigan Interiors. As such, I thought this Flower Study would be a stunning way to offer a piece of that elevated, custom detailing in way that is thoughtful and easy to integrate into any home.