October 31, 2017

Welcome to the Dark Side – Best Black Paints

Halloween is upon us and what better time is there to share our favorite black paint colors than the week when we all get a bit flirty with our darker sides!? Selecting a black paint (or any dark and moody hue for that matter) is much easier said than done. From dramatic raven-inspired hues to those that are softer and more subtle, it’s a delicate balancing act and one that we’ve all struggled to perfect. Read on for a few fa-boo-lous deep and moody hues sprinkled with tips, tricks, and treats (for the eye) that will have your inner goth cheering all year long!

True Black Paint

Sherwin Williams Black Magic | Portola Cobra | Farrow & Ball Pitch Black | Fine Paints of Europe WC – 87 | Benjamin Moore Black Satin

This may go without saying, but not all black paints are created equal, and your first step is deciding precisely how dark you really wanna’ go. Your paint’s undertone and your home’s unique lighting will determine how your new hue looks on the wall. Depending on the color you choose, be prepared for shades of blue, green, and grey to pop through.

Expert Tip: When it comes to black paint (any paint, really), always bring home samples and make sure you have enough to coat a wall thoroughly so that you can see how the shade changes in your space throughout the day. Black paint is very hard to cover, so you want to triple check your choice before committing it to an entire room.

To get a true jet black paint that isn’t just a super dark shade of blue, green, or grey, look for shades with a charcoal or tar description that feel bold and velvet-y.

High Gloss Black Paint Foyer

Expert Tip: Finish is everything! If your walls are smooth and clean (think new construction), going with a glossy finish can have a dramatically chic effect, but if you’re working with walls that have been around the block a few times, you may want to consider going with a matte finish. Remember, glosses gleam and mattes mask.

Soft Black Paint


Sherwin Williams Iron Ore | Portola Fade to Black | Farrow & Ball Off Black | Fine Paints of Europe WC – 91 | Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

You can incorporate the world’s swankiest hue into your home without going overboard by opting for a slightly softer shade. These milder tones have a vintage vibe and are guaranteed to play quite nicely with almost any other color in your space.

Expert Tip: Black paints absorb light, so be sure you’ve got a solid lighting plan in place that will aptly accentuate your new hue. We particularly love the way vintage metal fixtures with a rich patina feel against a deep, black wall.

Expert Tip: If you’re not feeling confident enough to coat an entire space, consider painting it piece-by-piece or paint your trim/paneling and cover the rest of your walls in something altogether different. The perk here is that, just like when it comes to your wardrobe, black looks good with nearly everything!

Other Moody Hues

Dark Paint Colors

Abigail Ahern | Plain English | Marie Flanigan Interiors

Farrow & Ball Pelt | Portola Spill the Wine | Fine Paints of Europe MV42 | Portola Troubadour | Benjamin Moore Deep Caviar

Although black paint is the topic du jour, we couldn’t possibly leave without sharing a couple of our latest moody faves from different color families that still feel slightly ghoulish! Rich, sultry, and ready to make a statement, they’ll feel perfectly at home in just about any space.

Expert Tip: Similar to a neutral hue, darker paints serve as a powerful background for the bold use of pattern and texture. Allow your handsome hue to do the talking and keep other elements streamlined and clean.

Hocus Pocus, toil and trouble, if we left any of your fave black paints off our list, drop us a line on the double!


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