Sleeper Bed

The Sleeper Bed is constructed like a sofa using the best high grade furniture fabrics. Machine washable and durable for any type of dog. Beds are filled using our signature Sustainafill ‚eco friendly fiber that is hypo-allergenic. Center pad is one piece and is tufted and provides extra support for your canine companion. Bolstered sides feature zippers and removable inserts. Durable and perfect for any living space.
Color: Lark Ivory

Sleeper Bed: Small: 24" x18"x7" OD 17"x11" ID, Up to 10 lbs - Medium: 32"x27"x10" OD, 24"x18" ID, Up to 50 lbs. Large: 39"x50 lbs - U 32"x10" OD, 29"x23" ID, Up to 75 lbs. X-Large: 48"x40"x12" OD, 36"x30" ID, Up to 100 lbs.

All pet beds are filled with a premium green fiber called Sustainafill ™ that is hypo-allergenic - 100% Polyester.

How to care for the Sleeper Bed: remove cover, wash in cold water, no bleach, air dry

The Sleeper Bed will ship within 3 weeks. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. All beds are vacuumed packed to reduce size.

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