The Ultimate Guest Suite

One of my greatest joys is having family and friends come stay with us. I want my home to be a revolving door with each guest bringing their individual outlooks, inspiring stories, and wonderful laughter to fill our hearts. I find making them feel comfortable and appreciated is the best way to show them they are welcome and free to be themselves! Read on for my design tips to ensure your guests feel right at home.

Marie Flanigan Interiors Annie Selke Guest Home

Woven Jute Rug | Stone Linen Bedding | Throw | Lumbar | Chair | Tray | Light Fixture | Lamp


Nothing sets an inviting atmosphere quite like lighting. Mixing natural light with gorgeous fixtures lifts the mood and makes a space feel larger. Strategically place different light sources throughout the room, locating them in spots that make it easy for your guests to turn down for the night or rise and shine in the morning. Start with an overhead fixture that illuminates the whole space, and then integrate lamps for task lighting.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Lamp | Bedding | Lumbar | Side Table


Layers are key! Give your guests lots of bedding options – whether they cozy up under a fluffy duvet, or need a pile of pillows to be comfortable, incorporate various throws and pillows that allow your guests to relax however they see fit. A wide range of materials and textures, from crisp cotton sheets to a chunky jute rug, will subconsciously enhance their tactile experience of a room. (*Don’t forget to provide a landing zone for all of those comfy options! A bench or a trunk at the foot of the bed will serve as an obvious place for extras to stay off the floor and out of the walkway when it’s time to get tucked in.)

Rug | Duvet | Lumbar | Light Fixture | Chair

Special Details

I love to create little moments of joy for my visitors, and using trays is a simple way to add meaningful touches. Whether you use them to corral candles, refreshments, or a good book, these thoughtful gestures show your desire to go above and beyond in anticipating your guests’ needs.

Tray | Candle | Lumbar


The conveniences of home can be discovered within any guest suite, regardless of shape and size. If you have the available square footage,  housing a washer/dryer unit or a coffee bar within built-in cabinets are luxurious ways to ensure guests have everything they need at their fingertips. If you’re more limited on space or budget, even clearing a spot in a spare closet and providing cushioned hangers and a luggage stand can go a long way in helping guests settle in.


Grant your guests space to relax and unwind. I’ve found this especially useful when families with children are staying with me. Kids’ schedules can vary, so providing a peaceful place to have a snack or read a book is a win-win for everyone. A built-in breakfast nook supplies a dedicated area for morning coffee or a moment of calm.

Chairs | TableNapkins

Chairs | TableNapkins


Have some fun in your guest space! Utilizing unique materials, like “picket” tiles in the shower or painted tiles on the floor, adds whimsy and playfulness to basic areas. Since most guest quarters will only be occupied for a few days at a time, they offer an opportunity to take a risk and try something that you may otherwise shy away from in frequently used, everyday rooms.

A fluted vanity is always a classic choice and feels especially refined in a secondary space, such as a guest bathroom. Its drawers afford plenty of concealed storage for toiletries, a hairdryer, towels, and other necessities. Finally, remember that fresh greenery and floral arrangements inject a room with life and vibrancy. I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t feel special and appreciated when presented with such a treat.

What are your favorite ways to prep for visitors? Drop us a note below!

  1. Nadie says:

    I love the white paint on the walls. Would YOU share the exact color and brand of paint? Thank you!

  2. Christine says:

    The bathroom vanity is gorgeous! Could you share who it’s by, even if it’s custom? 🙂

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