November 29, 2019

A Range Hood Rundown

The kitchen is one of our very favorite spaces to design as it is often the gathering place where many of life’s most precious memories are made. This is a room where functionality reigns supreme but nobody ever said it shouldn’t be beautiful! While we could go on and on about the importance of your cook space, today we’ve got our sights set on your range hood. Not only are they essential to the culinary experience, but, with the right amount of attention, they can also serve as a wow-worthy crown jewel.

white venthood

Marie Flanigan Interiors

We’re gonna’ hit the basics first and then leave you with gorgeous range hood inspiration of all shapes and materials, so keep scrolling!

Range Hood Essentials

There are a few things to keep in mind when building out your range to ensure maximum function and beauty.

  1. If you’re planning to clad your hood in any material, you first need a hood liner. This is essentially the guts around which you build your range hood. Be sure you communicate your plans to your contractor or appliance provider so that they understand you’re not buying the traditional vent hood.
  2. Double check that your hood liner is correctly sized in proportion to your range. Your contractor and appliance provider should have no trouble letting you know which size to purchase.
  3. Ensure that the blower offers the appropriate amount of power for your kitchen. Too much power means you’ll will be pulling gases and smells from other parts of your home, and too little means you’ll be smelling last night’s dinner as your pouring your morning coffee…#notcool.

Venthood How To

Alright, enough shoptalk, let’s get to the fun stuff!

When it comes to dressing things up, you’ve got so many material options to choose from! Here are a few that we’ve been having fun with lately:


Plaster Range Hood Taj Mahal backsplash wolf range

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Plaster vent hoods offer a lovely textural finish and create a seamless flow that makes your kitchen ceilings feel grand!

Expert Tip:  Build your frame out with wood, then apply drywall around the frame to give your plaster a smooth base.

Although white is a classic choice, plaster can be mixed in countless color combos allowing it to play off surrounding cabinetry finishes.

Curved Range Hood Open Shelving

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Don’t forget to get creative with the shape – we love the freeform beauty of a curved edge!


Natural materials are rich in depth and texture, and we love that the look and feel of every piece is distinctive.

stone range hood hand painted back splash

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: For a super special touch, you can transform an antique fireplace mantel into a range hood. If you’re loving that idea, check out Chateau Domingue, one of our absolute favorite places to pick up found architectural elements and artifacts!

herringbone subway tiles

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Materials Marketing is another local fave – their team will happily work with you to customize a stone range hood that perfectly fits your home!


Whether you opt for full metal cladding or metal only serves as an accent (think straps versus fully clad), it makes a mighty big impact! Beautifully reflecting your surrounding space, this is an option that pairs nicely with natural materials for a lovely sense of balance.

Antique Iron Range Hood

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: Think outside the box (literally) when choosing your metal! Hammered steel provides a flat, more rustic flair, whereas polished metal lends a more sleek and formal vibe.

Blue range hood metal accent

Marie Flanigan Interiors. Metal strapping is a more cost effective and understated way to introduce the element without cladding your entire range.

metal venthood modern marble back splash

Home of Prudence Caroline. That double piped brass vent hood stole our hearts!

Outdoor metal range hood

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: The hood liner needed for an outdoor range is different from the one needed indoors! Make sure to specify before you purchase.


If you’re looking for a sleek, modern vibe, a slabbed range hood can get you there! Run your marble, quartzite, or granite straight up from your counters to your ceiling for a super streamlined look.

Absolute Black Granite Range Hood

Marie Flanigan Interiors. Continuing Absolute Black granite from the island to the backsplash and up to the range hood offers up a modern flair in this Texas kitchen.

Marble Range Hood

Marie Flanigan Interiors. Fully slabbing this kitchen in marble ensures that its smaller footprint feels spacious and bright!

Marble Range Hood Denise Vasi

Denise Vasi Home via My Domaine


Whether you go all in or add only a touch of a stained accent with a rustic beam, wood is a natural element that works almost universally! It can blend in with your cabinetry profile:

Outdoor Wood Range Hood

Marie Flanigan Interiors

or it can stand out as a focal point:

Antique Wood Beam Napa Valley Showhouse

Marie Flanigan Interiors

We love how the antique beam plays off open metal shelving in our Napa Valley kitchen above.


Nothing changes things up quite like a coat of paint! Painted range hoods are a trend we’re loving, and it’s another great way to have your range hood integrated into the surrounding cabinetry, making the entire kitchen appear more spacious and streamlined.

Green is having a moment in kitchens right now, and we’re loving this soft, soothing shade:

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed our range hood rundown, and we would love to know what your range hood looks like. Did any of the styles we shared here appeal to you? Drop us a line below!


Join the Conversation

  1. Kyleen says:

    Thank you for showing us all of the norm, but outside the box ideas for hoods! Love them all, but the plaster with the reclaimed wood/mantels are beautiful!

  2. shokudou says:

    Thank You @brigitte_victoria

  3. I stand corrected! I”ve owned numerous C10”s over the years, & I swear I have never noticed the difference in the hoods, until it was pointed out. Learn something new everyday on BF. I have a hood off a 80 model that I replaced with a cowl hood. It does not have the additional body line. I have not inspected it close enough to see if it”s an earlier hood or an aftermarket part. These hoods were notorious for bending at the front of the hinge, so I guess I”m. It surprised it could have been swapped out at some point in the 30 years before I got it. best custom essay

  4. Wynn says:

    I’ve noticed holborn lantern pendants in many photos on your blog. Have you installed these over kitchen islands? I ask because having only seen them in photos online, they sometimes appear true white or creamy off white in color. Curious, what is the true color? Also, all sites list the height as 34”. Is that the actual lantern or does that include the yoke? I’d greatly appreciate any insight you can provide. Your blog is lovely.

  5. Tracy D says:

    Nobody wants that standard range hood that does not add an aesthetic appeal to their kitchen or blend with the kitchen décor. Fortunately, there are numerous and fun ways of spicing the appearance of your range hood. It might be simple plastering or adding some metal or stone accent to improve its appearance. The possibilities are endless!

  6. laura says:

    can I cover an existing stainless steel range hood with metal in simple black? Similar to the black slabbed range hood you have posted here? or do these come as one unit? Please recommend a company where I can purchase the black simple modern range hood like the one in your above post.

    • marie says:

      Yes, you absolutely can cover an existing stainless steel range hood in metal! We suggest working with a reputable contractor to be sure everything is expertly measured out and installed professionally. Any builder you work with should be able to recommend a vendor you can contact!

  7. Range says:

    These pictures make me feel like redesigning my whole kitchen appearance just to look the compatible as you have shown. The look and feel give the kitchen such an elegance one could not resist noticing. Thank you for this beautiful inspiration.

  8. Brandon says:

    Hi Marie, I was sent a link to this page from one of my readers. I blog about range hoods and I do help people pick a good model for their kitchen based on functionalities. But this write up is just stunning and I personally fell in love with the slab, that marble look was OMG! I’m sure to share this article with my future readers in my next blog post which I am now inspired to write.

    • marie says:

      WOW! Loved reading this! Thank you for the kind words and we would love for you to share the post on your blog. Will you send us the link when you do? Wishing you a beautiful week!

  9. shah says:

    Have you installed these over kitchen islands? I ask because having only seen them in photos online, they sometimes appear true white or creamy off white in color. Curious, what is the true color? Also, all sites list the height as 34”. Is that the actual lantern or does that include the yoke? I’d greatly appreciate any insight you can provide. Your blog is lovely.

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