August 20, 2019

Office Storage Solutions to Better Serve Your Clients

The Beauty of Organization

It has been an exciting 2019 so far, with some of the most amazing projects and talented new team members. With all this change, we want to ensure that we continue to prioritize our client experience. Being well-organized frees our hearts and minds to be fully present and offer our best selves, which in turn, allows us to pursue innovative and excellent design.

The Container Store helped us create a structured, balanced work environment for our ever-growing office, including a beautiful storage closet and design wall. Working with their team was such a dream! We met at their showroom to develop a storage plan, then they came to our office to install. Read on to find out which closet system we chose, and how you can implement a similar strategy in your own home or office! PS – The Container Store is having a custom closet sale, so get to shoppin’!

Storage Closet

Our favorite part of the client experience is the grand reveal. Our clients leave on a short getaway for a few days, and our whole team takes over to install the entire home. We bring in furniture, flowers, and every last accessory, so when the client returns, it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience.

To get everything ready for the reveal, we house some special client accessories in our office storage closet. It was essential that this space feel like a showroom of highly curated pieces where our clients can easily view their beautiful belongings. We laid the foundation with a Schumacher wallcovering and lined the walls with open shelving, displaying our inventory in an accessible and appealing way.


We needed a place to store our photo shoot styling accessories as well as client-specific pieces for installs.  This includes everything from coffee table books to pillows, vases and throws. The Elfa Stystem was the perfect solution because the collection has adjustable shelving that accommodates accessories of different shapes and sizes.

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Elfa Closet System

By labeling the shelving and baskets, we can quickly reference which items belong to which client. It was also important that we had long shelves to store our fabric bolts and pillows horizontally, keeping them in tip-top shape!


Here at MFI HQ, we have an open office layout, which is ideal for collaboration. However, there are moments when we need to take a call or work in a quiet space. Our office has a small footprint, so the storage closet doubles as a private work space. We created a cozy and inviting environment by adding lovely art, lighting, a desk space, and extra drawers.

Design Wall

We cherish the involvement of our clients and the relationship we build with them as an essential part of our design process – they are intimately involved in the project from beginning to end. By creating storage that displays their construction materials, furniture finishes, and upholstery fabrics in an aesthetically pleasing way, we hope to add a dimension of intentionality and professionalism to their experiences. In the past, our design wall served as a catch-all that often became cluttered and untidy. Now that we have cleaned it out, we can focus on beautifully preserving and presenting our ongoing project materials.


Our project binders are heavily referenced and always evolving, containing crucial project details like design concepts, drawings, and item lists. We carry them to every meeting, so we needed shelving deep enough to hold these 11×17 binders in a readily available way. The vast array of Elfa sizing options did the trick!

We specify the most beautiful hard finishes like tile, wood, stone, and hardware; and the samples are often brought to the front of our office for client meetings or taken to a job site for the builders to reference. Previously, bulky plastic bins held these materials, but they were hard to grip and were too heavy. So, we opted for durable woven baskets with easy-to-grab handles and organized them by project.

For our soft goods, like fabric and wallcovering samples, we opted for mesh drawers that easily pop out for transportation.

We are feeling refreshed and invigorated after our office overhaul, thanks to our new system that is simple and user friendly! Do you have any office organization tips? We would love to hear from you – let’s keep this organization spree going strong!


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