June 21, 2019

Our Travel Must-Haves

Currently Obsessing

For many people, and certainly for #TeamMFI, summertime equates with travel time! And while our team has a range of exciting family vacations planned, the trips taking up the majority of our brain space are upcoming project installs. Next week, we’re headed to Washington, D.C. to install an incredible project for some very special clients - be sure to follow the journey on Instagram. In the meantime, read on for our latest installment of Currently Obsessing, where we’re sharing our team’s travel must-haves to get you through any and every vacation.

Marie's Pick

BeautyBio Bright Eye Patches
After a long-haul flight or late night installing a project, these travel friendly eye patches are the perfect self-care pick-me-up!

Kristin's Pick

Lush Breath of Fresh Air
Traveling leaves my skin feeling dry and irritated. A spritz of this and I’m refreshed and ready to hit the town!

Kelsey's Pick

bkr Glass Water Bottle
I love that this reusable water bottle is good for the environment. Plus, it's great for hot or cold beverages and has a silicone sleeve!

Melanie's Pick

Aesop Jet Set Kit
Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you can’t have luxurious toiletries! I love this miniature, TSA-approved set.

Kailyn's Pick

Gucci Ophidia Backpack
My favorite style of travel is wandering, so a backpack to hold my map and first aid kit is my ideal companion!

Ashlee's Pick

Away Carry-On
This suitcase is amazing because it charges my phone! I never have to worry about being without an outlet on a layover.

Rachel's Pick

Veja White Sneaker
Whether it’s racing to catch my flight or sightseeing once I reach my destination, these sneakers keep me feeling chic and pain free.

Sydney's Pick

State of Escape Bag
This bag is the perfect carry-on! It’s large enough to hold everything you’ll need, but small enough to fit under the airplane seat.

Julie's Pick

JBL Portable Speaker
My favorite tunes help set the mood for any trip. This splash-proof, portable speaker is perfect for lounging at the pool or beach!

Michaela's Pick

Apple AirPods
Getting rid of those pesky headphone cords was a travel game-changer for me! Plus, they come with their own handy little case.

What are your go-to travel essentials? Drop us a note below!


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