April 23, 2019

6 Tips for Mastering the Mix

Using Antiques In Modern Design

How do you work antique pieces into a more contemporary space? It’s one of the most common questions we receive about our work. And, TBH, it can be a difficult one to answer. There’s no “right way” to layer varying eras, but we’ve definitely got a few tips to help ease the process along. Scroll on for 6 things to keep in mind when you’ve decided it’s time to channel your inner mix-master!

Celebrate Contrasts

Achieving the perfect mix is all about contrast! Think plush meets tailored, square meets round, and freeform meets streamlined. There are a few ways to tackle this when it comes to antiques. If you’re the ultimate planner, step back and evaluate your room’s current setup. Determine exactly what you need and then hunt for antique pieces that complement your room’s story. Prefer to follow your heart? Pick up vintage and antique pieces that speak to you without worrying about the design of any particular space. If something brings you joy, you can always find a place for it in your home. Especially if it’s an accent piece that can be easily moved from one spot to another!

antiques in modern design

Streamlined furnishings are beautifully balanced by rustic antique accents in this Piney Point home.

Trade Up Your Textiles

Vintage rugs and tapestries make a beautiful addition to any home, regardless of style. Swap out an existing rug for a one-of-a-kind Oushak or hang one of these texture-rich beauties for an instant dose of interest.


An antique prayer rug weaves color and texture into this modern Bellaire kitchen.

antique modern mix

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Think Outside the Box

We’re huge fans of a mighty repurpose and getting creative allows you to put antiques to work in new and exciting ways. Think an antique water jug turned lamp base or architectural fragments transformed into a headboard [and keep scrolling for a closer look]. A chat with your local antiques dealer or custom craftsmen will quickly prove that the sky’s the limit!

antique modern mix

An antique water jug turned table lamp makes a beautiful addition to this tranquil sitting area.

antique modern mix

Antique architectural fragments form the headboard in this master suite, while reclaimed doors and an antique mirror further strengthen the mix.

Deck The Walls

One of our favorite ways to infuse a historic sense of charm is through wall art, including antique (or vintage-inspired) wallcoverings. Whether it’s 19th century sheet music or Medieval plaster intaglios, these one-of-a-kind pieces mix beautifully with modern decor, particularly when framed in a handsome, minimalist style!

Marie Flanigan Interiors

vintage handpainted wallpaper

Gorgeous Gracie Studio handpainted wallpaper lends an Old World charm to this River Oaks dining room.

antique modern mix

Marie Flanigan Interiors

antique intaglios

Framed antique plaster intaglios make a gorgeous statement on the walls of this master bedroom.

Forget Matchy-Matchy

One of the greatest things about mixing antiques into modern decor is how freeing the process can be. Go ahead and stop worrying about matching bedside tables or perfectly paired chairs. The antique – modern mix is all about distinctive pieces that tell a story all on their own.

Take Your Time

The most important thing to remember is that the perfect layer doesn’t happen overnight. Commit to pieces slowly and continue building out your mix over time. Whether you start with handsome vintage hardware or a stately antique mirror, you are layering in moments of beauty that can’t be replicated. And that kind of beauty is the kind that’s worth waiting for.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

What are your favorite antique pieces and how do you layer them into your modern home?


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