February 19, 2019

4 Tips for Mastering the Mix

Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

A common decorating misconception is that a large, blank wall calls for a massive piece of art. Not so! A gallery wall is a chic and appealing way to personalize your home while bringing visual interest to any room. Even if you lack an experienced eye for design, a little bit of research and a solid plan guarantees the collection of your dreams! Read on for 4 tips to mastering the mix and oodles of gallery wall inspiration pulled straight from our portfolio.

Choose Meaningful Pieces

While many pieces in your home reflect your personal taste and lifestyle, a gallery wall has the unique ability to tell a story. You could simply hang any painting or photo that makes sense aesthetically, but digging a little deeper allows for a truly stunning display. Consider using a photo or drawing of your favorite travel locale, a screen-printed quote that lends encouragement on trying days, or a meaningful family photo.

This gallery wall in my boy’s room combines fun graphic prints of some of their favorite things (hey, hey scooters and giraffes) along with elevated pieces that tie it all together.

Mix It Up

Don’t feel limited to a specific color scheme, or even to a visual medium! For instance, if your focal piece is a sketch, you don’t need other sketches to make it feel at home. While complementary pieces offer a clean, straightforward look, a mixture of mediums and hues tends to be more dynamic.

Gallery Wall Inspiration Modern Contemporary

Marie Flanigan Interiors; ART: Lionel Deluy | Albert Watson

Map It Out

While experienced designers may nail a gallery wall on the first try, you’re likely going to need to map things out before you pick up your hammer. Sketch out a few different arrangements or, if you already have pieces framed and ready, lay everything out on the floor. Measure the wall space and make sure that the lowest-hanging pieces will not end up crowded by the furnishings that stand below, and conversely, don’t hang anything too close to the ceiling. To simplify the process, place your anchor pieces first and then arrange the other pieces in relation to those.

Gallery Wall - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Be Open-Minded

Create your gallery wall by your rules. If you want to throw in three-dimensional objects, go for it! You can create a cohesive look or go with no theme at all. If you think you’re going to want to work in additional pieces later on, leave some open space. At the end of the day, a gallery wall should be very personal; an elegant display of items that make you feel at home.

Gallery Wall - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors

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