January 29, 2019

Featuring a Sneak Peek of My Baby Girl's Garden-Inspired Bedroom

Nursery Must-Haves for Every Mama-To-Be

There’s no design process more personal than that of a mother planning for her baby’s nursery [cue up those happy tears]. It’s often said that “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” meaning that designers can be so focused on designing beautiful homes for others that we leave no time for our own. With baby number three on the way, I quickly realized that I would have to make time or my littles wouldn’t have a place to rest their weary heads. I set my sights on revamping two rooms in our Houston Heights bungalowone for our boys to share and one for our little girl who we can’t wait to meet!

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Natural Linen Bird Mobile – Marie Flanigan Interiors

Although I can’t share her room in full today, I’m revealing a few sneak peeks paired up with tried-and-true nursery must-haves to consider when designing your baby’s room. Enjoy!

Remember Comfort is Key

There are so many elements to consider when designing a nursery, especially if it’s your first time! I encourage you to focus on one word above all else: comfort. You’ll spend countless hours in this room over the next few years, so choose furnishings that provide comfort for both baby and you [yes, you!]. That might be a plush, oversized chair for feedings and story time snuggles, or layered rugs to pad your seat while babe aces tummy time!

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan InteriorsNursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Don’t Discount Function

It’s super easy to get caught up in all the pretty little details, but don’t forget to spend some time thinking through functionality. Assess the room’s layout to be sure you’re making the most of every inch, incorporate furnishings with built-in storage, and implement a lighting plan. Yeah, we know a lighting plan might sound like overkill, but any expert will tell you that turning on a bunch of bright lights to navigate middle-of-the-night feedings is a huge distraction. Have lamps with low-watt bulbs at the ready and be sure your natural light is under control as well. Blackout drapes or shades are a worthwhile investment, but you can also layer fabrics in varying weights together for coverage that can be easily controlled throughout the day.

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Now is the time to organize, organize, organize! Think logically about the items you’ll need close at hand once baby has arrived and then decide where they need to live. Diapers, wipes, and onesies should always be arms length from the changing table. Or better yet, opt for a changing table that boasts built-in storage. Sidenote, who agrees that washing those teeny tiny clothes might be one of the best parts of prepping for a little one’s arrival?! Once those precious duds come out of the dryer, consider functional storage solutions like drawer dividers combined with luxurious essentials, like silk and velvet hangers.

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

May Meadow Mural by Rebel Walls; Marie Flanigan Interiors

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Make It Personal

Holding on to a childhood stuffed animal you can’t wait to pass down? Or an heirloom bassinet perfect for cradling your new bundle of joy? Now that you’ve got the basics under control, it’s time for the finishing touch. Layer in sweet, meaningful details that share your family’s unique story. Whether they’re totally huggable or fragile pieces kept out of reach, these items will serve as constant reminders to your little ones that they are surrounded by the love and support of so many.

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Hunt Slonem bunnies from Laura Rathe Fine Art – Design by Marie Flanigan Interiors

Nursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan InteriorsNursery Must-Haves - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Working on a nursery for your wee one? Drop me a note with any questions you have below!


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  1. Congratulations!! so happy for you! You are the best Mom ever!!

  2. NK says:

    We’re planning to have a bassinet or portable crib in our Bedroom for the first several months. Any suggestions for a master bedroom with a baby? Also, unfOrtunately, our room is upstairs and what WIll be the nursery is downSTairs. RecommeNdations?

    • marie says:

      Hi! Congratulations – we are so excited for you! There are things you can do for the short term that make your master bedroom cozy and peaceful for your baby! I suggest using black-out curtains so you can make your room dark, then bring in extra layers like throws and pillows that will help you prop yourself up in the middle of the night. I personally love the Halo Bassinet for middle of the night feedings!

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