January 17, 2019

Child-Friendly Design

Designing a Kid’s Room That Lasts

We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby girl — nursery sneak peeks coming soon — which means there’s some serious shuffling happening within the walls of our Heights bungalow! I can hardly believe it, but the boys will soon be sharing a bunk room, and I’ve spent the past few months getting everything prepped for my dynamic little duo. Designing a timeless room for children is all about perfecting the balance between classic, tailored elements and playful, whimsical detail (and it never hurts to throw in added doses of durability). Hate the idea of redecorating every time your little one moves up a shoe size? Keep scrolling for my tips on designing a kid’s room that lasts!

Invest Strategically

Designing a child-friendly space doesn’t mean everything has to be IKEA (although they’re bomb for a few pieces here and there). Stand back and come up with a plan for the room, making a list of items you need to pull it all together. Once you’ve determined which of those pieces could easily grow with your child (think dressers, an oversized chair, mirrors, night stands or a rug), strategically invest in higher-quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Sophisticated Kid's Bedroom Design

When it comes to pieces that can be loved and lost, I like hunting for deals on funky desks, accent chairs, or light fixtures that show off your child’s unique sense of style!

Keep It Comfy

Just as your master retreat serves as a respite from the daily grind, our children’s bedrooms should serve as a calm, comforting place to unwind. And if we’re being honest, most kids don’t care about design, but they do care about comfort. Bring in a plush, oversized chair that can be used for bedtime stories/snuggle fests now, and a cozy spot to chill with friends in the future.

Sophisticated Kid's Bedroom Design

A plush rug is another surefire way to infuse warmth and comfort, while also giving you peace of mind that those inevitable tumbles will remain safely cushioned.

Accent with Patterns

Pillows are fantastic at adding a little flare, and taking your child with you to pick them out is a fun way to get them involved in the design process. I suggest opting for durable, child-friendly fabrics, like Crypton, that can stand up to regular spots and spills!

Sophisticated Kid's Bedroom Design

Expert Tip: Stumble upon a pricey fabric you can’t live without? Use it to make a pillow for a cost-effective way of getting the look you want without breaking the bank.

Release Your Inner Child

At the end of the day, we want these rooms to be treasured by the children who call them home. There are so many youthful elements you can incorporate that still feel sophisticated, so go ahead and have some fun! My boys are super into space travel, so I had pod-inspired bunk beds custom crafted and accented the walls with Annewal’s Luna¬†Mural.

Sophisticated Kid's Bedroom Design Bunk Beds and Wall Mural

Just add two boys drifting off to sleep, dreaming of faraway galaxies! Blanket | Bunk Beds | Luna Mural

Have you been busy working on a child-friendly space? Drop us a note with your fabulous finds!


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