December 17, 2018

MFI Team Retreat

The Gift Your Work Fam Really Needs

People generally spend more time with their work fam than they do with their loved ones at home. This is a fact many of us acknowledge, but one we often don’t give enough credit to. In addition to a thoughtful hiring process, one of the ways we work to keep our team steadfast and strong is through annual team retreats.

retreat goals and objectives

Marie Flanigan Interiors Team – 2018 Retreat

Cue a rousing chorus of Kumbaya…just kidding! Retreats seem to get a bad rap; everyone envisions an awkward table talk surrounding best processes and [dun dun duuun] feelings. We’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Retreats serve as an important break from the narrowed focus of everyday office procedures, bringing everyone together with a common purpose – to explore what’s working, to talk through what’s not, and to celebrate moments of growth along the way.

retreat goals and objectives

The Post Oak Hotel, this year’s retreat venue

If there’s anything our brand refresh has taught us, it’s that the process of exploring who you are and what you value sets the tone for everything else that follows. We designed our 2018 retreat to address that exploration process and the ladies were bringing it with some thought-provoking guidance we simply have to share.

Don’t Shy Away From the Tough Stuff

Never allow the challenges of innovative design work to discourage you. It can be difficult to push limits and try new things, but it’s an important part of what you do. How can we help each other reach for the stars?

retreat goals and objectives

Whether it’s designing a refreshing new take on paneling or commissioning Gracie Studio to produce a custom art piece, pushing boundaries is essential to who we are and what we do.

Stay Well-Fed

Are you continuing to grow in both knowledge and experience? Take the time to explore what’s emerging throughout your industry and “feed” the many lessons you’ve learned to your team on a weekly basis.

retreat goals and objectives

Bobby McAlpine and Aerin Lauder feed nonstop inspiration

Set Goals and Come Together

Every arm of the business should support and uplift the other. Whether it’s design, marketing, logistics, or managing financials, we’re all dedicated to being the best. Spending time together deciding where all of those efforts should take us is crucial, and a valuable reason for hosting annual retreats!

retreat goals and objectives

Celebrate Milestones

With a strong group of go-getters, it’s common to move on from one project to the next without taking the time to celebrate your victories. Retreats allow you the opportunity to reflect and share appreciation for all of the “wins” that took place throughout the year.

retreat goals and objectives

We celebrated a productive retreat over lunch at Bloom and Bee, sending everyone home with full hearts and bellies.

We hope this offers some insight into how our firm operates behind the scenes. Have you ever hosted a retreat? Do you have more questions? Drop us a note below!


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