November 28, 2018

Even Your Eccentric Aunt

A Gift for Every Holiday Host

With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror, the holiday season is well underway, which likely means your mailbox and your inbox are full of party invitations. Whether it’s a glamorous cocktail occasion, a family potluck, or visiting a friend who recently delivered a baby, arriving with a standout gift for your hosts will offer you peace of mind and make a dazzling impression. Scroll on to shop our gift picks for every occasion!

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For Your New Friend

We’ve all been there — someone you recently met just invited you to a party. What do you bring for a host whose personality and taste you hardly know? In this case, we recommend sticking with the crowd-pleasers. Linen cocktail napkins are always appropriate and can be utilized on the spot! A mini succulent is the gift that keeps on giving, and you’ll gain extra points since each purchase from Lula’s Garden benefits clean water charities. Oh, and lest we forget, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot – it’s a gift that never goes out of style.

For Your Best Friend

When your best friend invites you to their holiday get together, you have the extra benefit of knowing exactly what they live for and lust after. Here, we suggest bringing a dual-purpose item – one part host gift, one part thoughtful holiday present. If your bestie is flying solo this season, they’ll think this keepsake box from Hill House Home is a hoot! Or add to his/her arm party with a Kamili bracelet handmade by a Congolese refugee. If you’re really in the mood to wow them, why not pool funds with a group of friends and schedule a Smart in the Kitchen cooking class?

For Your Future Mother-in-Law

We get it. You want to impress her. When it comes to your future second mom, we suggest going the sentimental route. Give her all the feels with the stunning Mother and Child coffee table book, or show her you’re committed to doing good with a Raven + Lily candle that supports formerly homeless women in LA. For a more traditional MIL, pay homage to holidays past with Juliska’s charming 12 Days of Christmas plate set.

For Your Eccentric Aunt

It’s the party you look forward to every year, because nobody hosts a shindig [or tells a story] quite like your auntie does! The AERIN match striker from Longoria Collection is equal parts flashy and classy, making it an instant classic. Is she moreso boho? This coffee table objet should evoke fond memories from a hippie youth. And last but not least, offer up a DIY Sushi Kit for the enthusiastic aunt in your life who’s always on the hunt for new hobbies!

For Your Boss

Bosses are arguably difficult to buy for. You want to strike the right note of gratitude and thoughtfulness, while not coming off as a brown-noser in front of colleagues at the annual holiday party. Demonstrate your superior taste with a classic pen from Tiffany or opt for a combined coffee table and recipe book – always a deliciously safe bet! We love The Art of the Cheese Plate, and will be gifting it to a few special somebodies this year. Looking for something really unique? A custom wax seal stamp embraces a timeless sense of tradition that sends everyone’s heart a-flutter!

For Your Friend with a New Baby

Their home is likely a mess and they haven’t slept for more than two hours at a time since the baby arrived. All the more reason to show up with something fabulous! If there are children in your life and you’re unfamiliar with the Houston-based boutique Biscuit, we suggest you get acquainted. This polka dot footie is perfect for a Christmas babe, and you can show mom some love with an assorted Good Gift Delivered basket designed to make her holiday more relaxing. Oh yes, and what’s that they say in the South? If it’s not moving, monogram it. Picking up a monogrammed nursery pillow will automatically make you Queen Bestie!

So many parties, so little time. Comment below with your favorite host gifts!


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