November 14, 2018

A Look Into Our Brand Evolution

Subtle Transformation

“Often, the subtlest shift invites the most meaningful impact.”

Whether we realize it or not, we are defining ourselves in small ways every single day. It could be the opinions we share, the spaces we call home, or the clothes we wear, but each of these individual elements are crucial to the expression of who we are, and they continue to evolve throughout the course of our lifetimes.

Heading into our tenth year of business, we could sense a need for change. Not necessarily a grandiose one, but rather a thoughtful reflection of how our firm has grown over time. To guide us through this process, we teamed up with the branding gurus at Principle. Together, we spent time reflecting on where we’ve been, who we are today, and what we value as a result of every rich and varied experience. The words above were spoken by Ally Lack, Founder and Creative Director of Principle, and they served as inspiration for the subtle shift within our brand identity.

Scroll on for a closer look at our firm’s understated transformation, including thoughts from Ally about sharing your unique vision through the thoughtful curation of font, color, imagery, and voice.


Brand design is quite similar to interior design – it’s essential to explore your history and who you are before turning your attention to where you’re going next.  Principle spent time immersing themselves in our firm’s ‘here and now,’ gaining knowledge and insight that further guided their vision for our refreshing new look.

“We conduct in-depth interviews to understand the ‘why’ behind a company or organization’s desire to rebrand, or to create a brand from scratch—but most importantly, we dig for the ‘why’ that drives them to get out of bed each morning. We uncover their aspirations, their values, their vision—even their fears. This research-driven phase gives us what we need to begin ideation. And that’s when we start our two-pronged identity development—a visual AND verbal study.” – Ally, Founder and Creative Director at Principle

A Visual Study

“We wanted your ID to honor your quiet presence and humility – to exist as a timeless, subtle authority and assurance versus an overt or overwrought declaration. Just as your team will commission and tailor furnishings to enhance a specific space or client’s taste, we searched high and low for a beautiful, hardworking typeface with nuanced letterforms that felt just right for you and the warm professionalism you exude.” – Ally, Principle Founder and Creative Director

Our mutual love of Pantone color books was an instant bonding moment! Ally’s team assembled a color palette that provides added depth and a sprinkle of surprise, allowing for an array of creative expression. It’s a mixture of clean, subdued neutrals with signature colors pulled from the nature-inspired environments we create.

Refreshing our logo was perhaps the most challenging portion of the process. We were given a number of excellent options, all splendid and sophisticated. It took some deep thought and heavy back and forth, but we landed on a letterform that boasts a refreshingly current twist on our classic logo.

letter pressed business cards

We knew our printed materials should reinforce the bespoke nature of our firm with every detail carefully alluding to the timeless nature of our work. Thus, we opted for letterpressed business cards and stationery – an age-old printing technique we can’t get enough of!

“We realized that we could draw a parallel between the elements you use while shaping a beautiful space and the qualities you exude while shaping a beautiful client experience.” – Ally Lack, Principle Founder and Creative Director

Focusing on details that reflect that premier experience, we developed custom wax seals, personalized tags, and tailored client deliverables, ensuring that every person we serve receives numerous moments of magic throughout the design process.

A Verbal Study

As designers, we spend a great deal of time focused on the visual aspect of our brand – the photography, logo, color palette, and font play. With Principle by our side, we found ourselves better equipped to study our firm’s voice. We have a strong appreciation for the power of written word, and Principle’s immersion process allowed us to explore language capable of uncovering and defining the heartbeat of our firm. Needless to say, there were some happy tears shed during the reveal!

A look at a few of our faves…


A Digital Study

“Your imagery tells your story – that is the hero of your brand, because it reflects the families at the heart of each home. In every photograph, you can identify those elements of beauty so fundamental to your firm” – Ally Lack, Principle Founder and Creative Director

We implemented our new font types and logos throughout our website, but also simplified the formatting, letting the imagery speak for itself. By eliminating the extras, we were able to land on a clean design that more effectively celebrates the beauty of our work.


Lastly, we want our client experience to be extended to our followers, serving as a resource for “celebrating the beauty of home.” We created a curated journal that shares design advice, inspiration, before and afters, shoppable spaces, and a few entertaining tips along the way.

If you weren’t on the list for our inaugural issue, we invite you to take a closer look. And be sure to sign up, so you don’t miss our subscriber exclusives!

We are thrilled to debut our enlivened branding suite as we enter the New Year and hope you have enjoyed this peek into our thoughtful undertaking. How do you plan to revitalize your life in 2019? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Linny Adams says:

    Love the new branding and hope to have an opportunity to work with you all in the near future.

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