October 26, 2018

4 Tips for Thoughtful Entertaining

Create Your Best Holiday Home

Autumn is an enchanting time of year. The arrival of cooler temps and a return to time-honored holiday traditions provide ample reason for celebration. As the current year winds down and the prospect of a new year materializes on the horizon, we find ourselves reflecting on the significance of home.

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Home serves as the backdrop to so many of our year’s most meaningful moments; a safe haven that provides warmth and solace from the world spinning on outside our doors. Above all, our homes hold and protect wondrous little pieces of our life stories, an ever-evolving reflection of who we are and what we cherish most.

Each time we prepare our homes for the season, we prepare for celebration. We are crafting the environments that live on in the memories of our loved ones, and it’s a process that deserves thoughtful consideration. I recently began preparing my own home for the holidays and thought you may like to know which elements I’m keeping in mind.

Comforting Color Palettes

Perhaps the most obvious way to layer warmth and coziness into your home is a rich, nature-inspired color palette. Understated shades of burgundy, gold, auburn, and umber all echo the changing leaves and early sunsets, automatically enveloping us in the hues of the season. Weave them into your decor through table linens, fresh flowers, and raw natural accents.

Fall Entertaining Essentials - Fall Wreath Front Door Decor

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Heirloom Pieces

Hosting friends at home opens up a world of opportunity for sharing your family’s unique story. Search your spaces for meaningful pieces that can easily be worked into your fall decor. This could be a new addition like an urn or trough you picked up on a recent vacation; or, throw it back a bit with your grandmother’s vintage kitchen scale and antique copper colander!

Holiday Home Decor Fall Kitchen

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Sure-Fire Scents

One of the fastest ways to get your home feeling festive is to light a candle. Scents transport us to happy times, triggering all of those nostalgic warm fuzzies with the quick strike of a match. If you’re looking for a sure-fire <pun intended> way to bring the cheer, stock up on my favorite holiday scents below.

Wild Flowers

Though most plants are dropping their final blooms in preparation for winter, rich textures and fall florals still abound and should not be underestimated. Crabapples, Disbud, Wax Flowers, Amaranthus, and Pampas Grass are a few personal faves!

Fall Floral Entertaining Arrangements

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Vary up the lengths of your stems for that perfectly messy, I-totally-plucked-this-from-my-own-garden look. Structured branches beg to stand tallest, while smaller scale flowers and fuller greenery look more organic down low. Bear in mind that your vase or pitcher can also echo the idea of harvest and bounty without taking an autumnal theme too literally. Allude to that desirable farm-to-table vibe by employing an oversized pitcher or container reminiscent of an old fashioned milk jug.

Fall Entertaining Florals

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Drop us a line below with any fall-festive ideas you’ve got on the brain, and we wish you the coziest vibes this fall season!


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