October 24, 2018

That's Anything but Cheesy

Halloween Decor

It’s every host’s Halloween nightmare. You’re prepping a spooky fête for all your best witches, and the only decorations in sight are bright orange, slime green or covered in cheesy jack-o-lanterns. Where’s a ghoul to turn? Never fear! We’re here with everything you need to host a sophisticated Halloween bash, complete with a to-die-for signature cocktail recipe. Creep on…

elegant halloween table decorations marie flanigan interiors

Sophisticated Halloween Tablescape


The fastest way to take your Halloween decor from ‘eek’ to chic is by sticking to a sophisticated color palette. Although orange and black make for a traditionally accepted combo, they aren’t your only options! Instead, layer several shades of black in varied textures (think black velvet ribbon atop black table linens) for a tone-on-tone look. Then, pop in deep plum, wine, and amber hues for a look that kills.

elegant halloween table decor pumpkin place card marie flanigan interiors


An adage we turn to often: “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Whether it’s the flourish of a petite velvet ribbon tied around silver or a pumpkin boasting your guest’s name, entertaining in style is all about embracing every special detail. Spend a few moments deciding on your sophisticated palette, but focus the majority of your time on one-of-a-kind surprises that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Elegant Halloween Decor

Dry Ice

Dying for a dose of drama? Embrace the darker side of dry ice! Whether you’re serving up a creepy cocktail or scaring trick-or-treaters away with your cauldron of witches’ brew, this super smoky effect will make it a night they never forget [mwa-ha-ha-ha].

No experience with dry ice? Betty Crocker’s got you covered with this nifty little guide!

elegant halloween decor


Candles have always been a spook-tacular way to set the mood and, as far as we’re concerned, the more candles, the better! Hunt for candlesticks in ghoulish hues and mix and match your holders for a play on height and form.

Personalized Pumpkins

Boo-tiful pumpkin place cards take the guess work out of seating arrangements, quickly putting your [skeleton] crew at ease. But you don’t have to serve a sit-down meal for this detail to thrill! Use them to decorate your entry table, fill a centerpiece, or as parting favors when your haunted affair has come to a close.


Halloween is well known for spine-tingling chills and thrills, but history also shows it’s a night when many believe the boundary between the living and the dead becomes blurred. What better time to honor your departed loved ones than to raise a toast with cherished family heirlooms? Hunt down your old silver, crystal, and brass. This is the perfect time to mix and match your pieces and the one time of year when rolling it all out tarnished is preferred!

When it comes to using the “good stuff,” there’s no time like the present.

halloween elegent bar decor antiques


Whether it’s truly bone china or a fun, theme-worthy plate, your place setting should be a scream without overwhelming. Black and grey glazed stone plates offer an organic sense of texture that nicely balances the more extravagant elements on the table.

classic halloween table setting

Skele-fun! Crate & Barrel’s Ada Salad Plate evokes the look of rattling bones without getting cheesy.

More macabre tabletop goodness:


Everyone knows that a howling Halloween bash isn’t complete without a wicked good cocktail! Now, I’m not one to boast, but I did win a mixology competition with the recipe you’ll find below. It’s been under wraps since the event, but I think it’s time to set the monster free…

halloween cocktail recipe

A look at what you’ll need…

[serves 2]


Blackberries (16 muddled)

Mint (6 sprigs)

Simple Syrup (2 oz)

Rye Whiskey (4 oz)

Orange Bitters (splash)

Lemon Juice (1 oz)

Club Soda (splash)

Orange (for garnish)

Dry Ice


Muddle blackberries and mint.

Combine blackberries, mint, simple syrup, whiskey, orange bitters, lemon juice, and club soda into a shaker with ice.

Pour into cocktail glass and garnish with orange peel and top with a small piece of dry ice.

Barware sure to get things shakin’:

Wishing you a frighteningly wicked Halloween! We hope you’ll share your plans with us below and that today’s tips secure your spot as official Ghostess with the Mostess.


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