October 19, 2018

How to Work Fall's Hottest Trend into Your Home

Animal Magnetism

Jenna Lyons famously said, “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral,” and we couldn’t agree more. Animal prints are one of – if not THE – hottest Fall/Winter 2018 trends. From the runway to city streets, animal prints are running wild, and the home design scene has taken note! Available in a wide range of price points and styles, it’s officially time to work fall’s hottest trend into your repertoire. Read on to find out how!

animal print trend collage

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When it comes to home décor, incorporating animal prints can be one of the simplest ways to add a dramatic pop, while keeping things relatively tame. Pun intended.


When embracing a new trend, it’s important to start small. We recommend choosing a single animal print item [or a punchy pair in one stellar print like you see below] and allowing it be the star! Animal prints can also be worked in through accessories, such as a fabulous catchall tray, faux fur throws or pillows.

animal print pillows

hide foot stool traditional design

animal print pillow


Animal prints – particularly leopard, cheetah and hide – make an even stronger statement when paired with bold bursts of color. Embrace those fall vibes by coupling your prints with rich hues such as deep blue, emerald or orange. Weaving in gold and bronze accessories will further amplify your exciting new walk on the wild side!


animal print home decor

Add Animal Prints to Your Home

Expert Tip: If you’re having trouble committing to an all-out print, consider a nuanced play on color similar to the bench in the master suite above. You can always graduate to spots and stripes later! 


For those of you feeling ready to take the animal print plunge, it’s time to consider statement rugs and wallpapers. We often layer hides over larger area rugs for even more eye-catching texture!

Add Animal Prints to Your Home


Treat yo’ self! Time to shop our animal print picks for your home and fall wardrobe. Did we miss a must-have? Drop us a note below!


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