October 5, 2018

Rest Well, Live Well

Wake Up With More Energy

Whether it’s feeling organized, efficient or incredibly well-rested, we’re all searching for simple ways to better our days. And it’s our belief that your best days begin at home. Although a one-size-fits-all process for enhancing the functionality of our homes may not exist, there are countless baby steps we can take to dramatically improve our everyday experiences. Today, we’re thrilled to be focusing some time on rest! This might mean creating a quality sleep environment or celebrating areas within your home that promote ease and relaxation. No matter how you approach the process, carving out time to enhance those precious moments of rest is crucial. Let’s begin!

Master Your Mattress [and Pillows]

Good sleep begins with a comfortable mattress. Investing in a strong foundation will guarantee solid shut-eye is in your future! Now, we may not be mattress connoisseurs but we do know a thing or two about mastering luxurious details. Before we get into those, keep in mind that it’s important to purchase a mattress that meets your unique needs. No body is built the same and what works for your bestie, may not work for you. Second, we suggest purchasing mattresses from a company that allows for an in-home trial period. Even the nicest, most expensive mattress may not be right for you and it’s not worth the investment if all you’re gonna’ do is toss and turn.

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping, you know there are a lot of options out there! We’ve found that it’s best to narrow things down by deciding exactly which type of mattress is best for you. We’re breaking down a few of the more popular mattress types organized by sleep position (i.e. if you’re a stomach sleeper, a firmer mattress should be the name of your game, whereas side sleepers should look for mattresses with more cushion to support alignment).

Mattress Type Guide Marie Flanigan Interiors


Expert Tip: It’s not always best to shop for your new mattress at a big brand department store. Business Insider catalogued 9 of the best online mattress companies and you’d be surprised at the luxury and value you can bring home from these amazing online startups!

No matter which type of mattress you opt for, be sure to buy from a vendor who allows you to test out the comfort from within the, well, comfort of your own home! Here are a few luxury mattresses our clients can’t stop talking about:

And if none of those speak to you, feel free to check out Janjaap Ruijssenaars’ Floating Bed. For a cool $1.6 million, you can levitate 14 inches off the ground via a magnetic suspension system! What better way to feel like you’re sleeping on clouds?

Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars’

On a related note, pillows are incredibly important for waking up on the right side of that bed. Whether you prefer soft and fluffy or firm and study, there’s an option perfectly suited to your sleeping needs! We’re also loving that many of today’s pillows are ergonomic, which means higher quality rest, less neck pain and, in many cases, improved posture!

Lead With Light

Achieving ideal bedroom lighting is about so much more than finding that on/off switch. We always tell our clients to focus less on one individual light and more on the development of a lighting plan. Everything from drapery that controls the flow of natural light to bedside lamps for reading should be taken into consideration. You can even implement controls that allow your lighting to adjust according to the time of day, slowly preparing your body for that much-needed rest to come.

Natural, ambient, and task lighting sources hard at work in this soothing master retreat. Credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Motorized Shades

When it comes to installing gorgeous window treatments, it’s worth considering a motorized option in your bedroom. With systems like Hunter Douglas’s PowerView, you can control the amount of light your shades allow in at the touch of a button. Need something even more intuitive? Schedule your shades to adjust automatically throughout the day!

Light Bulbs

We all know lighting has an impact on our daily emotions and sense of mental health. Which is why companies like Lighting Science are offering up specialized bulbs suited to any need. Think depleted blue spectrum light to encourage rest and bulbs with a higher concentration of blue light to encourage focus and alertness. That means you can customize your home’s lighting to enhance how each space is used. Sign.Us.Up!

via Lighting Science

Choose Calming Colors [and Scents]

Behold the healing power of color! Although vibrant, high-intensity hues can do wonders for your productivity, they aren’t the best for areas of rest. Instead, turn to soothing color palettes discovered in nature – think stone greys, ocean blues, and subtle sage greens. We’re also huge fans of going all white in the bedroom for a refreshing sense of peace.

A few of our tried-and-true restful hues:


Once you’ve got your soothing color palette figured out, it might be worth turning your attention to soothing scents. Aromatherapy has long been hailed for its curative power and there are some incredible oil diffusers on the market ready to fill your room with luxurious, sleep-inducing aromas! An added bonus is that they manage to look oh-so-chic in the process. Pick up some lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang or jasmine oil and prepare to meet the Sandman!

Bring on the Bells and Whistles

Although we’ve focused most of our attention on bedrooms today, it’s important to consider your home as a whole when a restful, curative environment is the goal. We mentioned intuitive shade motorization systems earlier which is one piece of a much larger home automation discussion. Companies like Crestron, Lutron, and Refined Systems are offering elite automation systems that many of our clients can’t live without!

Imagine kick starting your day like this – the alarm clock sounds, blackout shades gradually begin to rise, a steam shower turns on, adjusting to your desired temp, and your favorite morning playlist begins to pipe quietly through your home’s surround sound speakers. In other words, your day is made before you even hit the shower!

Expert Tip: If you opt for an elite home automation system, be sure your decision is communicated early on to everyone on your design/build team! Your contractor, designer, and architect can then work together to coordinate all of those crucial little details, such as how best to conceal speakers within your walls and ceilings.

We hope this guide proves helpful for anyone striving to create a more soothing home environment. Did we spark any questions? Have any luxurious concepts we didn’t mention here? Drop us a line below!


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