August 16, 2018

7 Tips for Creating a Wow-Worthy Entryway

First Impressions are Everything

Entries serve as our official welcome zones. They greet guests with a taste of what’s to come, beckoning all to venture in and experience more. Regardless of a home’s entry shape or size, you’re sure to find us creating a moment of rest steps away from the front door. Once there, it’s important that the moment be accented thoughtfully, while also serving as a space that keeps your family organized and tidy.

Our team created a wow-worthy entry for one of our latest clients and we’re so excited to be sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned for creating a foyer that’s both beautiful and functional!

Select Hard-Working Furniture

A console should be more than just a pretty face; it should also serve as a hard-working storage area for objects you prefer to keep hidden. Choose a console that offers up ample drawer space for stashing away all of those everyday items that are clutter-causing necessities – think mail, keys, headphones and sunglasses!

Expert Tip: If you’re a touch Type A (and you can rest assured we are), consider assigning a drawer to each member of your family. This allows for unique drop spots and serves as a lovely compromise when you don’t have the space to build out a mudroom!

If you’re committed to the console you’ve got and built-in storage isn’t an option, incorporate accessories designed for concealing the everyday clutter. Boxes and trays of various shapes and sizes make for sophisticated drop spots and we thought these handsome Perigold shagreen pieces felt perfectly suited to this Braes Heights home!

Lighten Up

Natural light is a firm obsession, but we understand many entryways don’t boast a ton of it. When that’s the case (actually, even when you do have a ton of natural light), it’s a smart idea to bring in a table or floor lamp. With the quick flip of a switch, you can flood the area with light and warmth.

Expert Tip: Keep in mind a few rules of scale when selecting a lamp for your console. For starts, be sure the height of your lamp is never more than 1.5 times the height of the surface it is sitting on and the lamp shade should never overlap the table edge.

Play With Height

When it comes to entry tables [and nearly all aspects of design], achieving balance has as much to do with height as it does weight. To avoid the look of one solid line running across your table, be sure to change things up! Pull in a taller lamp or stack objects on top of books for a welcome sense of variety.

Accent With Art

MFI Designer, Ashlee Garner created this gorgeous entryway!

MFI Designer, Ashlee Garner, making sure everything is picture perfect!

Entry walls can be intimidating! Do you opt for one large piece of art, multiple smaller pieces, or allow a blank canvas against which your tabletop goodies can shine? This can be a complicated formula that involves ceiling height, the formality of your console table, and the color or pattern of your walls, but we generally suggest following your heart. Hang something that speaks to your personal sense of story and you’ll always come home to a winning welcome.

Expert Tip: Opt for a mirror if your foyer is on the smaller side or lacks natural light. Not only does it make your space feel larger by reflecting surrounding light, but you’ll also have the opportunity to give yourself a final once-over before heading out the door!

Go Green

No matter what you do, always leave room for a vessel, vase, or urn! Greeting guests with fresh florals or lush greenery helps ease the transition from your home’s outdoor experience to the indoor one. And we all know there’s nothing better than a blooming bouquet when it comes to serving up a warm welcome!

Expert Tip: If you’re on the hunt for the happiest indoor plants, we’re digging this latest list from domino.

Waste No Space

We’ve seen some super creative ways to outfit the space below your stairs, but if you’re not looking to take on a full-blown reno, you can still create a quiet moment with lasting impact. Incorporate an upholstered bench or small seating group with a table perfectly sized for resting a book and your morning cup of coffee.

entryway bench

Love how this tray can move from console to bench in a flash!

Mix Old and New

Don’t be afraid to mix Great Grandma’s porcelain vase with a modern sculptural objet d’art! Mixing vintage pieces with newer streamlined ones is a technique found throughout most of our work, and it’s one that creates a lovely balance of texture, color, and weight.

style entryway foyer

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Any tips we missed? We’d love to hear how you create a winning welcome – drop us a line below!




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  1. becky harris says:

    I really enjoyed this post, you make some excellent points and give great advice. And I mean is there anything better than mixing Great Grandma’s porcelain vase with a modern sculptural objet d’art? I don’t think so 🙂

  2. Kyleen says:

    Love the expert tips! Always great to learn something new, like the table lamp sizing. Btw, would love to hear your tips on sizing rugs in particular, in an entry/foyer.

  3. Eddison Baker says:

    Wonderful post! I like your idea of mixing old items with new items. I’m a big fan of vintage items! Also, the greenery is a great idea.

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