August 9, 2018

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2018 Paint Trends

When our friends at Houston Life invite us to join them on set, the answer is always a resounding YES! A day with Courtney Zavala and Derrick Shore is a day very well spent, and our latest day was dedicated to all things paint.

2018 has been filled with interesting paint trends, and if you ask me, many of those are here to stay! From hand-painted Chinoiserie to high gloss finishes, light and bright to dark and moody, scroll on for my list of 2018 trends with staying power – along with tips and tricks for working each into your home.

Light and Bright

Let’s kick things off with a look you know we love! White walls serve as a blank canvas for surrounding art and furnishings, providing a calming sense of negative space that promotes peace and healing. Added perk? Keeping walls light and bright is a great way to make smaller rooms feel more spacious!

Check out these transformations to see how leaning light and bright will make your home shine:

Seeing the light [haha] and feeling ready to paint? Find a few of our fave paint colors here and below:

Expert Tip: Use a white with cooler undertones (like blue) when you want to incorporate vibrant colors into your decor, and use a warmer white in areas where you plan to utilize more neutral furnishings and finishes. 

Dark and Moody

Dark paint is nothing to shy away from, even when you’re working in a smaller space! These drama-filled hues are perfect for making an impact in areas like studies, dining rooms, and wet bars. Keep in mind that, when it comes to dark paint, it’s often the finish that’s going to make all the difference. Think flat for a softer, more subtle statement and glossy when the goal is glam!

Not comfortable committing the color to an entire room? Roll it on your cabinetry for a dramatic pop that won’t overwhelm:

We’re sharing a few bold beauties below, but be sure to sample any paint color in your home’s unique lighting before you get your roll on:

Expert Tip: If you’re struggling with low ceilings, apply your dark paint to the baseboard, the wall, and the crown moulding to elongate the look of your walls!

teal high gloss bathroom walls

via Architectural Digest

High Gloss

High gloss paints evoke a sense of Old Hollywood glamour making them perfect for fun-loving spaces like bars, libraries, and media rooms! As with anything chic and sophisticated, they can be a touch high maintenance, requiring additional caution and care. High gloss paints nick easily, so it’s best to use them in low-traffic areas where they can shine worry-free for years to come!

One of our latest faves involves coating the ceiling in a high gloss paint a la our lovely friend Vicente Wolf – talk about pumping up the drama in a low-risk and often overlooked area!

Plaster Perfect

Plaster is a finish we’re using more and more all over the home. It lends a historic sense of depth and texture to any wall color, and we love that you can customize how rough or smooth your final finish will become.

white plaster walls

Plaster Walls via Marie Flanigan Interiors

Plaster is well-known for its durability making it a wonderful option for range hoods and, with super robust techniques like age-old tadelakt, it’s a finish you can use in lieu of tile for countertops and baths!

image of white plaster range hood

Plaster range hood via Marie Flanigan Interiors

image of tadelakt shower from Architectural Digest

A tadelakt shower via Architectural Digest


Chinoiserie is a European interpretation of Chinese art motifs that was super popular in 18th century design, and we’re happy to report that it’s making a mighty strong comeback! [More importantly – did it ever really go anywhere to begin with?!] This is a look you generally find applied to wallpaper, but sourcing hand painted wallcoverings can be expensive! Instead, consider employing an artisan who can paint Chinoserie panels onto your actual wall for a distinctive mural that serves as a reflection of you and your home. Since it’s drawn and painted by hand, you can also request that the artist incorporate meaningful details with sentimental value – an anniversary date, special flower from your home state, or even your childhood pet!

I hope you enjoyed my latest segment on Houston Life and that these trends have you feeling hue-happy and inspired. Drop any questions or comments you may have below!


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  1. We has so much fun with you on Houston Life!!! Thanks so much for the invite!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    I LOVE these color trends! When you do the light and bright whites, do you use the same color and sheen on everything, including the ceiling, walls and trim?

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