June 1, 2018

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Considering Weathered Wood?

Known for its classic appeal and multipurpose nature, wood has been a key element in home design for ages. We’re particularly fond of reclaimed wood for its storied sense of warmth and texture, but we’re not afraid to branch out…see what we did there? Lately, we’ve been exploring other interesting ways to weather wood that go beyond the natural aging process. Keep scrolling for 4 of our favorite weathering techniques that will instantly add character to your home!

distress wood

| 1 cerused | 2 sandblasted | 3 wire-brushed | 4 shou sugi ban |


Known for its grayed and grainy finish, cerusing is a process where wood is coated in a special wax that fills in all the knots and grooves. The end result is a worn but polished appearance. A cerused finish showcases the contrast between the surface and the wood grain and is most often applied to oak. That being said, it’s a stunning finish you can use with almost any wood!

Expert tip: Think beyond your wood floors! We adore the cerused cabinets in this kitchen, but if committing to cerused cabinetry or flooring scares you, bring in the look with cerused furniture pieces instead.


Sandblasting weathers wood by blasting away the surface’s softer grains, making the wood appear as though it has been drifting around the ocean for centuries. You can custom select how deep the grooves will be for a lovely finish that feels charming and aged.

Wire Brushed

wire brushed flooring

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Wire brushed wood lends a rustic texture that still feels smooth to the touch. The process pulls the soft grain from the surface, leaving behind the hardwood beneath. Wire brushed finishes often mimic the look of reclaimed wood and are proficient at hiding daily wear and tear… that’s a fancy way of saying this is a wonderful option for those of you who have rambunctious kids and pets!

Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient technique that originated in Japan. In an effort to make cedar siding weatherproof, they implemented a process that involves charring the wood’s surface. The end result is a charcoal black finish that has become quite popular in modern homes.

shou sugi ban wood

The end result is called yakisugi, and it has a distinctive, moody vibe that homeowners love.  To really make those grains pop, you can also brush away the char for a rich, multi-dimensional finish. For more details, check out Clever’s feature on the technique.

So, which treatment is your favorite? Have you tried any in your own home? Drop us a note below!


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  1. Loved the post!!!I am sharing it with my staff!!

  2. Kyleen says:

    Great article, didn’t know the specifics of these until now! Love the look of the sandblasted cabinets and of course the wired for those family friendly floors!

  3. mike says:

    Thank you for the brick 101! Love the sandblasted white oak flooring,,,,good local source in Houston you can recommend?

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