May 22, 2018

It's Easier Than You Think

How To Live Stylishly With Kids

Kids are the absolute cutest but they can also be a downright mess! Clients come to us asking for the best in luxurious home design but we often hear one caveat – everything we select needs to be kid-friendly. Think it can’t be done? Think again!

kid friendly sofa and living room

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During our latest trip to NYC, we teamed up with our friends at PureWow to prove that living with kiddos doesn’t mean completely forsaking an oh-so-stylish lifestyle. Check out the video above and scroll on for those tips [and more] with a collection of our favorite corresponding products!

Employ Stylish Storage

Woven baskets and storage ottomans serve as the perfect landing spot for all of those toys and treasures your little ones pull out during the day.

Expert Tip: Keep baskets and bins easily accessible so that clean up is a breeze – it’s never too early for your little ones to lend a helping hand!

Pick Up an Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Indoor/outdoor rugs make stylish living with kids, pets, or that lovably clumsy roommate a breeze! Consider placing these durable beauties in areas of your home that get a lot of traffic like breakfast nooks, playrooms, and entertaining spaces. And don’t forget – if things ever get really bad, you can take it outside and hose it down!

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: Here’s a little known secret – hide rugs stand up to wear and tear like a pro! Faced with a spill? All you need is a wet rag and everything will look good as new in no time.

Focus on Durable Fabrics

Fabric manufacturers like Crypton, Perennials, and Sunbrella are crafting beautiful [and soft] upholstery options that are strong enough to stand up to any of life’s happy little accidents! So, have your favorite statement piece recovered or head to a few of our favorite retailers that offer beauty in a wide range of durable fabrics.

Durable Fabrics

Marie Flanigan Interiors

What are your tips and tricks for living stylishly with kids? Drop us a line below!


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  1. Jenny Weber says:

    These are super helpful tips – especially love the rug idea!

  2. Ahaan says:

    This looks so great. Like the concept of stylish storage.

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