March 14, 2018

The Finer Points

Bringing beauty to the world is a lofty aim, and it is the driving force behind the work of our firm. As a designer and businesswoman, I am constantly searching for both inspiration and acumen that will help me accomplish this mission. Luckily for me, there is no shortage of either in the experiences and knowledge of others! The Finer Points series is a result of my professional and personal desire to uncover the stories behind creative and successful people and the organizations they have built.

While poring over the pages of my favorite books, strolling through fine art galleries, admiring breathtaking architecture, or listening to lectures given by fellow entrepreneurs, I usually find myself wondering, “Where was this idea born? How did this come to be?” And I often wish I had the opportunity to sit down with the person responsible for all of that beauty so that I could ask my most burning questions!

I came to the realization that I would never have the answers to those questions unless I dared to reach out, connect, and inquire. I am now humbled to say that I have enjoyed the privilege of conversing with many of the remarkably talented individuals whom I have admired for so long. They come from all walks of life and each wears many hats, but all are influencers, tastemakers, and industry greats. I am grateful for their willingness to entertain my questions and sincerely appreciative of their candor.

I hope you will find The Finer Points as revealing and uplifting as I have. May these conversations help you discover something new about the beauty you bring to the world and inspire you to share that beauty with others!




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  1. Cool series! Was fun to read them all!

  2. Kyleen says:

    I have enjoyed them all! It’s been very interesting hearing how these professionals hone their craft.

  3. Rich Brian says:

    Marie – I have really enjoyed reading “The Finer Points” Thanks for including us in those conversations!

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