March 13, 2018

Here's How to Master the Trend in Your Home

Wallpaper is Happening

The word “wallpaper” can conjure up images of outdated rooms many of us would prefer to leave in the past – like that floral and striped border from your childhood bedroom (no offense, Mom!) But wallpaper has come a very long way, and its latest resurgence has further solidified its power as a transformational design element. With endless opportunities for customization and some surprisingly bold applications, a wallcovering can elevate the design of a room and take it to the next level of luxury. Although there are countless options available for purchase online, going custom allows you to truly personalize your home and authentically share your unique story. What could possibly be more en vogue than that?!

Custom Handpainted Wallcovering

Custom Gracie wallcovering for Marie Flanigan Interiors

The beauty of custom wallcoverings is clear, but how exactly are these masterpieces created? The process is a labor of love, and we turn to our friends at Gracie Studio time and again when our clients desire an heirloom-quality addition to their architecture and furnishings. We recently called upon Gracie to help us create a gorgeous kitchen and breakfast room for the Port family during the remodel of their Studio City home. The project reveal and photo shoot are happening at the end of this month, so with that excitement on the horizon, we thought now would be the perfect time to share all the custom wallcovering deets along with a preview of this lovely family’s new home! Enjoy!

Crafting Your Concept

Whitney Port Home Design Marie Flanigan Custom Wallcovering

Whitney Port Kitchen/Breakfast Room concept via Marie Flanigan Interiors

Inspiration is everywhere, so keep your eyes and heart open! Whether it’s a favorite travel destination, a beloved pet, or the pattern woven into your wedding gown, your walls can reflect your life’s milestones and memories in the most clever ways. Whitney loved the garden-inspired concept above and chose to incorporate hummingbirds into her final design – one for each member of her family! The ability to include meaningful details with sentimental value is what makes a custom wallcovering worthwhile, beautifully reminding us of the things we cherish most.

Custom Wallcovering Gracie Studio Handpainted Hummingbird

Image via Gracie Studio.

If you’re having trouble landing on a concept, explore classic patterns that can easily translate into your home by selecting a color story that complements your existing palette.

Luxury wallpaper Gracie Studio Hand Painted Wallcovering

A (very) small taste of Gracie Studio’s impressive range of styles and patterns.

We often search our favorite magazines for extraordinary examples that spark creativity and encourage us to dream big, like this incredible master bath by fellow Houstonian, J. Randall Powers.

Gracie Wallcovering Ceiling Wallpaper

Measuring Your Space

Custom wallpaper Los Angeles wallcovering

Sketch of custom panels via Gracie Studio. Even a rough sketch is pretty enough to frame!

Once you’ve settled on a design and color story, it’s time to measure. Your installer will account for every door, window, light switch, and power outlet. These precise dimensions are crucial to ensure that the panels are perfectly tailored and the images are seamlessly integrated into the architecture of your home.

Approving and Installing Your Creation

This is where things get really exciting! Gracie will send you a custom color chart and sample panel for final approval. Once you’ve signed off, production begins and every inch is handcrafted by master artisans. Each petal, feather, leaf, or lily pad is hand-sketched and painted…the talent is unreal!

Here is a side by side example from one of our latest commercial projects:

Custom wallcovering Texas scenic panel

On the left is the initial sketch of a custom feature wall for the new Lam Bespoke showroom. To the right is a close-up of the corresponding sample panel produced by Gracie Studio. It’s always so rewarding to see the idea come to life!

Expert Tip: Wallpaper panels can be lined with muslin before being installed. This allows them to be removed and re-hung with minimal damage if you see a potential move in your future! 

Once installed, custom wallcoverings are showstoppers that do an exceptional job of sharing a little piece of your history. We were thrilled to design this dining room that pays homage to the couple’s wedding china:

Custom wallcovering match china traditional home

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Floral Dining Room Custom Wallpaper

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Specialty Applications

If committing to an entire room of wallpaper still makes your palms sweat, consider these ideas that infuse similar warmth and beauty without going all-out.

Frame It Up

Frame a small portion of a wallcovering (custom or not) and display it as the artwork it is!

Home Office Wallcovering Custom Design Framed Panel

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Master Bedroom custom wallpaper design Framed Panel

A custom tea stained panel from Gracie Studio via Marie Flanigan Interiors

You could even wallpaper (or paint) a folding screen to get the look with the added benefit of mobility. Easily move it around within your home, brightening things up wherever you go!

Chinoiserie Screen Wallpaper Ideas

Daniel Romualdez Architects via Architectural Digest

Celebrate Those Ceilings

Don’t forget to look up! The ceiling is your 5th wall, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce something special.

Rafael de Cárdenas wallpaper ceiling

Rafael de Cárdenas via Architectural Digest

Nursery Ceiling Wallpaper

Marie Flanigan Interiors


So, what do you think? Considering going custom? We hope that what we “covered” here (pun intended!) was helpful, and we’d love to hear from you!


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