February 28, 2018

Styles With Staying Power – Timeless Trends You Should Embrace

When building or transforming a home for our clients, we always seek to achieve longevity and an ambiance that will only get better with age. There is no greater affirmation for us as designers than when we receive happy updates from our clients years down the road. We want every space to have staying power and to form the framework within which life’s most beautiful moments are made. In order to do that, we try our best to ensure that our selections are classic and traditional, but with a current and charismatic twist! So, why did we decide to tackle trends today? Because some of them have the capacity to stand the test of time and transition from trendy to timeless [or have they been en vogue all along?] Those are the trends we can write home about…literally. Let’s get started!


We actually shared these timeless trends on KPRC’s Houston Life last week, so if you’d rather watch than read, tap the play button above!

The Modern Vintage Mix

Our homes should tell a very personal story about who we are and what we value, and many of us struggle with how to incorporate antique pieces into a more modern space.

Mix Antique Modern Pieces

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Let go of the desire for everything to be “matchy-matchy.” A room should feel collected and layered over time which is all about contrasts – old with new, ornate with sleek and streamlined, subtle meets dramatic.

Antique Coffee table Oushak Rug

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Whether you’re using an antique statement piece or vintage accessories, these elements infuse a bit of magic and allow your home to share something unique.

As far as where to find them is concerned, we love hunting on Viyet, Chairish, and 1st Dibs, but if you’re in the Houston area, we highly suggest checking out a few of our faves below:

Going Au Naturel

No, not like that! ? We’re talking about authentic materials that speak for themselves within a design, like raw woods, concretes and leathers that boast deconstructed/raw edges.

Stone Fireplace

Marie Flanigan Interiors

We don’t care whether it’s a natural stone or a natural color story, we’re huge fans of keeping things real!

Wood Beam Ceiling

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Nature-inspired elements lend warmth and texture to an otherwise minimalist space and help to balance out the sleek materials in more contemporary ones.

Rustic Wood Beam Range

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Opting for wood accent beams is a surefire way to take on this trend, and it’s an element we don’t see going anywhere! Use them on the ceiling or over your range for a dose of nature-inspired beauty that warms up everything nearby.

Statement Flooring

So, dark paints and deep, moody fabrics aren’t your thing, but you’re still looking for a dose of drama? Look down! From colorful, hand painted patterns on encaustic tiles to intricate geometric/hexagonal tiling, your floors can tell quite a distinctive story.

Powder Bath Tile

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Herringbone Tile Floor

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Coastal Bedroom Shiplap Style

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Flooring is also a great place to make a bold statement without going overboard – a richly textured rug happily speaks to both your eyes and your toes!

We know sourcing quality flooring can be overwhelming which is why we love visiting our friends at ADR and Materials Marketing – we know they’ve always got us covered 😉

Versatile Velvet

Velvet is uber-luxurious and, although it’s been around forever, it’s experiencing a reinvigoration on the design scene (in both fashion and home décor)! We love that what was once considered a heavier textile is now being crafted in lighter, more subtle variations for spring and summer.

velvet pillows coastal home

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: If you’re feeling a little velvet shy, bring it in through throw pillows and throws that can be easily switched out.

Mohair Velvet Chair

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Grey velvet sofa library

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Matte Black Finishes

Matte black hardware looks amazing against crisp white walls, and there’s nothing more classic than a black and white combo!

Thick Marble Black Vanity Subway Tile

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Oil-rubbed bronze used to be the darker finish of choice, but matte black fixtures have been trending in a big way in both plumbing and lighting. We particularly enjoy pairing it up with other textural finishes, like plaster.

Contemporary marble black hexagon Bathroom

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Swipe right for some of our favorites!

Any timeless trends you think we missed? Drop us a note below!


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