January 19, 2018

A Guide to the Ultimate Cozy Bed

Houston’s icy weather had us trapped at home this week and, while we love our time in the office, there are definitely days when whipping out that laptop to work from the comfort of our PJs in bed is pure joy! If you’re on the hunt for tips to creating the ultimate snow day escape, scroll on ’cause we’ve got you covered [pun wholeheartedly intended]!

Double Up

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as too many layers when it comes to bedding, especially in the winter! Frigid weather calls for doubling down on all things cozy and we suggest layering a thick blanket/coverlet or quilt under your heaviest duvet to ensure those piggies stay nice and toasty.

Cozy Bed Coverlet and Blanket Guide

Marie Flanigan Interiors

The Down Low-Down

Cozy Bed How to Choose a Duvet

Marie Flanigan Interiors

It’s all about the fill power when it comes to selecting duvets! The higher the number (think 600 or more), the warmer it’s going to keep you. There’s nothing grander than a super fluffy down but if feathers tend to tickle your nose, stick with a down alternative that feels just as nice!

Cozy Bed Best Duvet

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: Does investing in a down comforter make your hands sweat? Don’t be nervous! With brands like Peacock Alley out there, you can test drive a down comforter and return it with ease if it doesn’t float your boat.

Pillow Pile-On

Cozy Bed How to Layer Pillows

Marie Flanigan Interiors

If you’re planning to camp out in bed all day, you’re going to need pillows of all shapes and sizes to provide support while you work, read, or enjoy breakfast [and lunch?] in bed.

Cozy Bed Layering Pillows

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: To get those pillows extra fluffy, use inserts that are one size larger than your pillowcase.

Ample Light

Cozy Bed Bedroom Lighting Guide Wall Mounted Pendants

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Once you’re all snuggled up, the last thing you want to do is crawl out of bed to hit the power switch on your reading light! Be sure your table lamps are within arm’s reach so that you can easily stay put or opt for mounted overhead sconces that are controlled by a nearby light switch.

Cozy Bed Nightstand Table Lamps

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Working on a lighting plan? Be sure to this guide out!

Cozy Up to Cotton

Best Giza and Pima Sheets

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Cotton sheets are a stellar option for those chilly winter months and we highly suggest 100% cotton if you’re looking for a bed akin to one you’d find at a luxury resort. Whether it’s percale or sateen is a personal preference (more on that here), but look for collections that are woven from sumptuous Giza or Pima cotton for a bed that feels like one of those big, fluffy white clouds.

The Best Giza and Pima Sheets

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: Having bedding professionally cleaned and pressed is fab but most of us resort to using a washing machine! Be sure to purchase detergents that are specifically crafted for fine linens which will extend the life of your precious new threads.  

Seasonal updates can be a blast but if you’re struggling to get started, drop by our friends at Havenly, an online interior design resource, for some inspiration that’s sure to get things kickstarted! Wishing you a beautiful [and super cozy] weekend!


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