October 25, 2017

How To Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

Closet Confidential

Breaking News: When it comes to closets, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all! Why, you ask? Because everyone’s storage needs are totally dependent upon 1) their personal sense of style and 2) the season. Whether you get by with a few basics or you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista, the number of slacks, shoes, gowns, bags, belts, hats…okay, we’ll stop there…you own naturally dictates which storage solutions you should have on deck.

With cooler fall weather on the way, many of us are busy evaluating our wardrobes, making decisions about which pieces will live on and which pieces can be gone (yeah, we’re talking to you, gingham jumpsuit). And here’s the deal: The day when you’ve got everything pulled out for that beloved “treasure or toss” experience is a mighty good day to take a closer look at the structure and layout of your closet space. Is it functional? Does it meet all of your needs? Is it pretty? If your answer isn’t a resounding YES to all of those questions, keep scrolling.

Emily Jackson Closet

Alice Lane Home Collection for Emily Jackson/Ivory Lane

Light It Up

Nothing beats a closet with a steady stream of natural light but we know incorporating a window isn’t always an option. Whether it be natural or electric, it’s crucial that your wardrobe be properly illuminated so that you can easily see what you’re working with and avoid heading out to tackle your day in a pair of mismatched socks. If you’re currently building or renovating, ask your architect if you can pop a window or two in. You’ll lose out on a little bit of storage, but seeing natural light shine down on all that beauty is priceless!

Expert Tip: Adding drapes or a Roman shade to your wardrobe windows helps control the flow of light while protecting your clothing and accessories from sun damage.

When natural light is nowhere to be found, it’s time to come up with a crafty lighting plan. Chandeliers are always lovely but don’t forget about the power of strategically placed sconces, table lamps, and can lights!

Closet Upgrades

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Gracie Wallpaper Closet

Aerin Lauder

Still too much work? The modern market offers LED battery-operated lights that you don’t even have to install. Check out this article from Apartment Therapy for a roundup of their faves!

A Moment to Reflect

We know, we know, but mirrors really are your friends! Otherwise, once you’ve selected your latest ensemble, where are you gonna’ turn to be sure it’s all coming together? Not to mention, mirrors reflect light making any space feel more open and that’s something all of us can appreciate.

We’ve all fought with the pesky door mirror that’s hung just slightly too low/high. If space allows, consider propping up a floor mirror for a functional solution that’s also charming to look at!
Full Length Mirror

Hang Ten

Okay, we’ve all been there, but it’s time to get rid of those flimsy dry cleaning hangers! This may seem simple but hanging your clothes on matching hangers gives your closet a clean, streamlined look and this might be the most simple, cost effective update you can make.

Streamlined Closet

Alice Lane Interiors

Our vote? A plush velvet or soft, polished wood depending on what you’re hanging. Check out the sites below for everything you could ever want to know about hangers and more:

The SweetHome: Best Hangers 

The Spruce: Select the Best Hangers for Your Clothes

Once you’ve got your hanger situation all figured out, you might consider organizing your duds by color…trust us, friends – once you’ve hit that level of OCD, you’ll never go back!

Pink Closet

Melanie Turner

Cozy Up to Comfort

Nanette Lepore Closet – Design Jonathan Adler

While we have a special place in our hearts for tumbled stones and regal hardwoods, your closet is a space where comfort reigns supreme. Whether you’re fresh out of the shower or preparing for a night out after a long day at the office, your feet are undoubtedly looking for some love! Opt for a plush carpet or lay down a soft rug to make your closet experience that much more enjoyable.

Alice Lane Home Collection for Rachel Parcell/Pink Peonies

Everything Has Its Place

Whether you like seeing all of your goods on display or you prefer the streamlined look of closed cabinetry, be sure that any storage solutions you decide on are planned out thoughtfully.

Most architects and designers have checklists that help you outline your needs with questions like these:

Do you dress in this space? Will you be storing luggage in this space? How many suits do you have? How many gowns do you have? Do you prefer angled shelves or flat? How many boots and high heels do you own? How many scarves, belts, and ties do you own? Would you like seating? Do you need jewelry inserts? 

The list goes on and on and the responses are different for every client. We highly suggest walking through these types of questions before you make any changes to your wardrobe regardless of whether you’re working with a design professional or not.

Expert Tip: As far as the cabinets themselves are concerned, consider a combination of closed and open front pieces that help break up the space.

Ah, the joy of a closet island! If space allows, this is a grand storage solution for all of those smaller wardrobe pieces that tend to get lost in the mix.

Expert Tip: Most experts recommend you have at least 4 feet available on each side of your closet island in order to maximize functionality and the minimum island size is roughly 20″ x 30″.

Thrill Seekers Welcome

Your closet is the perfect space to experiment with a few of those bold design concepts you’ve had in mind! Intimate and built distinctively for you, this is the room where you can embrace all of the color, pattern, and texture your heart desires.

Keep in mind that a little glam can go a mighty long way – we love spicing up closets with a dramatic piece of art, an intricate wallcovering, or a dark and moody paint color.

We hope this post has you feeling a little more confident about your closet remodel but if you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line below!


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