September 19, 2017

Illuminate Your Space – A Lighting Roundup

Illuminate Your Space – A Lighting Roundup

We’re often asked for that one crucial update that will “completely transform” a space and, although we have a few go-to solutions, my favorite game-changer has always been lighting! Lighting sets the mood throughout your home and a layered combination of natural, task, and accent fixtures is guaranteed to enhance your space’s beauty and function in a flash [pun intended]!

A quick trip to your local lighting store will prove that there are countless fixtures to choose from and, between selecting a style, finish and optimal size, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So, we’ve broken down our team’s lighting faves by style and paired those up with tips and tricks for each that we hope will offer you the inspiration and guidance you need to refresh your home’s lighting plan. Let’s get glowing!


Consider your chandelier a crown jewel – it sets the tone, style, and vision for the rest of your space.

Urban Electric Hinkley Mill and Road

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Chandelier Tips and Tricks

1.  Although it’s important for your home to share a cohesive story, don’t become fixated on perfectly matching a chandelier to all of its surrounding elements. A great deal of beauty is found in the mix of contrasting styles and materials, which means it’s time for us all to brush up on our creative storytelling!

2.  These large-scale beauties are generally front and center and can be more difficult (and costly) to switch out, so it’s worth investing in a piece you truly love. If you’re trying to pinch a few pennies, do that with less noticeable fixtures that can be swapped out more often.

3. Here’s a nifty little guide from our friends at The Mine that should help with sizing: length of room (feet) + width of room (feet) = ideal diameter of chandelier (inches)

Lighting Roundup Miramar Chandelier

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Miramar Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting

We had fun spicing up this quaint little breakfast nook with a Moroccan-inspired chandelier. We love to let lighting shake things up a bit, especially if the surrounding elements lean more traditional!

A few more spaces where chandeliers play off contrasting style, attracting the eye without overpowering any of the complementary elements below:

Crystal Chandelier

Marie Flanigan Interiors –  Selenite Chandelier from Ron Dier Design

Transitional Chandelier

Andrea May Design – Garrison Chandelier from The Urban Electric Co.

Chandelier in Master Bath

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Royalton Oval Pendant from Arteriors


What’s the difference between a pendant and a chandelier, you ask? In form and function, they’re actually quite similar; the differentiating factor lies in how many you’re using. Pendant lights are generally smaller and installed in multiples, such as over a kitchen island or along a hallway, while a traditional chandelier refers to one show-stopping fixture that serves as a focal point when centered over a table, seating arrangement, or entry.

Lighting Pendant Ideas

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Pendant Tips and Tricks:

1. Sometimes it’s best to throw out the rule book and have some fun. Play with scale by hanging an oversized pendant (or chandelier) in a smaller space – they can actually make the room feel larger!

2. Play off the surrounding materials in your space when selecting fixture finishes. For instance, your moody soapstone countertops might inspire you to select a light in a textural zinc finish similar to the Hamilton Lanterns seen below.

3. Always keep functionality in mind! Designing a game room? You may want to consider pendants with a sturdy metal exterior that will serve as protection in case a few pop flies happen to soar their way!

Urban Electric Eddystone Pendant

Eddystone Pendant from The Urban Electric Co.

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Hamilton Lantern from The Urban Electric Co.

Bevolo Vintage Brass Ball Pendant

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Vintage Brass Ball Pendant from Bevolo

Circa Goodman Hanging Light

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Goodman Hanging Light from Circa Lighting

Circa Julianne Smoke Bell Lantern

Marie Flanigan Interiors –  Julianne Smoke Bell Lantern from Circa Lighting


In addition to providing a soft, welcoming dose of task lighting, sconces serve as a sculptural art piece for your wall. Who has two thumbs and loves multi-functional design elements? These girls right here!


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Sconce Tips and Tricks:

[Bear with us here…]

1. Keep in mind that sconce style can be a tad more difficult to pull off than hanging a pendant or chandelier. Your measurements need to be incredibly precise and there are a lot of little details to consider before you kick off construction, especially if you’re thinking about going with mirror-mounted sconces which have become increasingly popular.

2. We highly suggest selecting your sconces early on in the reno/construction process so that your contractor can document the dimensions, ensuring that appropriately-sized cut outs are made in the correct area on the wall. Just trust – there’s nothing more frustrating than having to re-sheetrock because the holes ended up oddly spaced or too large for the fixture’s back plate!

3. There’s no hard and fast rule about where exactly to hang your sconces, but keep in mind that you want the light to illuminate your face in a flattering way – not too high and not too low. Also (and this is very important), the back plate’s location on every fixture is different dependent upon style, so be sure that your measurements are placing the actual light source in the appropriate spot on the wall versus the back plate or who knows where the glow will go!

Circa Germain Sconce

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Circa Germain Single Sconce


Marie Flanigan Interiors – Collier Sconce from Hinkley


Circa Lighting Sconces Vendome

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Vendome Single Sconce from Circa Lighting

Expert Tip: Placing sconces in an area of your home that sees heavy traffic? Choose fixtures with a narrow extension and install them slightly above shoulder height to avoid the risk of anyone bumping into your beauties.

Galerie Des Lampes University Wall Light

Marie Flanigan Interiors – University Wall Light from Galerie des Lampes

Urban Electric Huntley Sconce

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Huntley Sconces from The Urban Electric Co. illuminate art by Caprice Pierucci


Floor and table lamps may be the easiest and most cost effective way to transform your space with lighting! They boost function, enhance mood, and allow you to play with exciting new patterns, colors, and shapes in your space without committing to anything long-term.

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Lamp Tips and Tricks:

1. Proper placement is key! Position table lamps so that they directly enhance task lighting for activities like reading, writing, or sewing, and place floor lamps in darker corners to help soften the entire room.

2. When selecting a lamp for a side table, aim to have the top of the base at eye level to ensure you’re capitalizing on as much task lighting as possible. That means, if you have a slightly lower table, you’ll likely be on the hunt for a taller lamp.

3. If you’re building new or taking on a substantial renovating, it might be worthwhile to plan for floor outlets. These allow you to incorporate lamps throughout your space while expertly disguising those pesky cords!


Marie Flanigan Table Lamp Lighting Roundup

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Chelsea Table Lamp from Gregorius Pineo

There’s no denying our love affair with Gregorius Pineo lighting, the hand painted beauty above. Elegant and subtly whimsical, it serves as a stunning focal point in any space.

On a related note, we’re loving these quick rules from The Spruce for bedside table lamps: “For a rough rule of thumb, your nightstand should measure between one-third and two-thirds the width of your mattress, and the bedside lamp should be roughly one-third the width of the nightstand, when measured at the lamp’s widest point (usually the base of the shade).”

Contemporary Sitting Area

Marie Flanigan Interiors – Cannes Table Lamp from Circa Lighting

Nursery Lighting

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Table Lamps in the bedroom

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Brown Floor Lamps

Marie Flanigan Interiors


Marie Flanigan Interiors – Floor Lamp from Baker

We hope you enjoyed today’s lighting roundup! Have any fixtures in mind that we’re crazy for leaving off the list? Let us hear you!


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  1. Great post!! I learned so much! You look like a movie star!!

  2. Linda Rockwell Peterson says:

    Who would you suggest for great simple, elegant sconces, Circa? Do you usually have another overhead light on a different switch in a bathroom or powder room? I love the first powder room you did, who makes that gorgeous vanity? Plus the twin bedroom is wonderful. I agree you look like a 25 year old movie star in the first picture!

    • marie says:

      Yes, Circa is definitely one of our go-to sources! Although there are so many we love 🙂 The Urban Electric Co., Viyet, Hinkley Lighting, and First Dibs all have some exceptional finds as well! We do, in fact, usually have sconces on the wall in addition to overhead lighting that generally includes a chandelier and can lights. Thank you so much for all of your kind words!

  3. Alice says:

    Really good post. I especially liked all the pictures and that you could click on the different lamps and fixtures to find out where to buy them.

  4. wke says:


    I love your work and receiving your emails with your tips
    .I must ask if you would you be so kind to tell me who that beautiful curly black chandelier is by in the last picture. It looks like a Curry and company but i’m not so sure as it appears black in your picture.

    Thanks so much and all the best to you and your firm

    • marie says:

      So kind – thank you! That chandelier is the Currey & Co. Ringmaster Chandelier but we powder coated the piece in an oil-rubbed bronze finish 🙂

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