January 18, 2017

3 Steps to Making Your Bed Like A Pro

Winter is upon us which means the sun begins to set before we can even pull into the driveway! So, you’ll often find us dreaming about where we’re going to rest our weary heads once that lovely Houston commute comes to an end, and although “the perfect bed” means something a little different to everyone, there are three elements every bed should have, and we’re here to share them with you.

Lay a Strong [Yet Soft] Foundation

Sheets can be a topic of controversy, but time has taught us that a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily make for a better set of sheets.The type of cotton and the weave are way more significant which is why we look for sets crafted from pure cotton or flax that haven’t been treated with any nasty chemicals. This will give you that crisp, clean feeling without the worry!


Our friends at Plush Home [one of our absolute favorite local boutiques] suggest seeking out sheets with long staples because shorter fibers tend to be itchy and more likely to fall out of weave, which will lead to pilling. As a general rule, look for Giza and Pima cotton because they have long, luxurious fibers that help create a solid foundation.

Our Favorite Finishes

Percale, our personal fave, is a matte finish with a crisp, clean vibe that lends a tailored look we can’t get enough of. Home Treasures’ N 45 Classico Sheets feel like sleeping on a cloud! Their Italian percale collection is made of the finest cotton and is incredibly soft, smooth, and supple to the touch, and we love how that refined matte finish looks in this serene master retreat!

Sateen has more yarns running vertically versus horizontally resulting in a super soft fabric that feels heavier and warmer. While they are incredibly soft, they’re not for those of us who heat up at night. We always head over to Peacock Alley for the perfect hemstitched sateen sheets.

Linen, which is made from flax, softens with use and creates a relaxed and chic vibe to any bedroom. The fibers are hollow, moving air and moisture naturally which is great for those hot Houston summers, but they’re also natural insulators which helps trap heat when cooler weather hits your home. These sheets from Rough Linen will lend your favorite resting space a beautiful home-spun charm.

Layer Up on Texture and Color

While we love a crisp bed, it’s important to create visual interest by mixing in layers of texture through the use of throws, coverlets, and duvets. We suggest layering with the seasons, using a coverlet in the summer and switching it out for a duvet come winter for added warmth. We love Sefte throws and blankets, which are made from the fur of baby alpaca. Soft and fluffy, they’re ready to stand in for your heavier duvet when warmer weather comes to town.


Marie Flanigan Interiors

You can’t go wrong with a classic Matouk Duvet. Who can resist a clean, feathery white duvet piled high at the end of the bed!?

Allow Pillows to Set the Tone

Your pillow selection tells people a lot about you and how formal you want your bedroom to feel. With so many pillow choices it can be hard to know which ones will achieve the look you’re striving for, but we believe beauty always lies in simplicity.


Marie Flanigan Interiors

Include Euro shams when going for a classic, tailored look. We can’t get enough of Leontine Linens   delicately crafted shams!

Expert Tip: You’ll need 3 Euro shams for a king sized bed and two for a queen.

Deluxe Euro Shams are the height of a euro but are the length of a king. They take up more space on the bed and provide a comfy, cozy feel. You can throw them on a king and they’ll take up the whole width of the bed, or you can put two on a queen if you’re up for playing with scale. Check out Bella Note for some gorgeous shams.


Decorative shams come in all shapes and sizes, and we use them to tie in colors that can be found throughout the bedroom. One of our favorite pillow designers, painter Kevin O’Brien, incorporates art into his pillow designs. They always feel rich and interesting and create the perfect accent to your surrounding style.

Try laying your standard shams face up for a unique, minimalist approach that will have your space looking like a boutique hotel in no time. Plus, it sure is easier to make your bed in the morning 🙂


Marie Flanigan Interiors

Rusty Arena is a skilled fabric craftsman who creates custom printing and hand painted fabric, located right here in Houston.  If you are looking for an expert who can do custom color and digital design work, head on over and check them out.

We hope this has shed some light on the elements we look for when we’re ready to hit snooze! Have questions? Ask them below! Wishing you the sweetest dreams!


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