November 11, 2016

Creative Kitchen Storage Solutions

No matter how big or small your kitchen might be, it’s crucial to maximize storage, and if you’re renovating or building from scratch, there seems to be endless options and variables to consider, and it can be helpful to see some of those storage solutions in action. So, in an effort to make your life easier, we’ve collected images of a few of our latest kitchen storage faves and paired them with expert tips that we hope will have you feeling neat and tidy in no time!

Utilize Your Island

So many islands are designed to offer up ample counter space without giving you much in the way of storage. We prefer them with exposed shelving, loads of cabinet space, and unique storage for items like paper towels, trash cans, and more. Remember, anything that lives on your counters could be creatively stored in your island, providing that clean, spotless vibe we’re all striving for.

The built-in shelves below serve as prime real estate for storing recipe books, serving pieces, and more.


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Marie Flanigan Interiors

We don’t know if it’s just us, but those pesky paper towels always seem to be in the way, and regardless of how pretty the holder is, paper towels don’t do much to elevate the look of a space (which is likely why we never see them in any of the professionally photographed spaces). Kitchen island to the rescue! You can create a built-in paper towel holder that will beautifully tuck those towels away, giving you a less cluttered counter.

Drawers Galore

The more kitchens we see, the more we realize drawers are where it’s at as far as storage is concerned. Challenge the traditional use of lower cabinets by installing pull out drawers instead, and play with sizing to achieve exactly what your family needs; use a large drawer for bulky items such as pots, bakeware, and tupperware, and the smaller ones for linens and utensils.


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Marie Flanigan Interiors

Look Up

If possible, aim for cabinets that span from the floor to the ceiling. Although it can seem like a hassle to pull out your step stool, those tippy-top cabinets are perfect for storing special occasion items that you may only use a few times a year.


Marie Flanigan Interiors


Marie Flanigan Interiors

Hang Loose

Don’t forget to check out your kitchen walls when considering additional storage space, and you don’t have to stick with a traditional stainless steel pot rack; opt for one with a rustic vibe that will lend an immediate sense of warmth to your space.


Marie Flanigan Interiors

And having your pots and pans hanging right at your finger tips is oh-so-convenient when you are in the midst of cooking a big meal!



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