October 20, 2016

Master Your Remodel in 5 Expert Steps

We’ve been receiving oodles of love for our collection of “Before & After” projects, most recently from our friends at domino , and we thought you guys might enjoy seeing a few of those right here along with our top tips for mastering your upcoming renovation.

1. Play Up Architectural Interest

A great interior is not built on furniture and décor alone. There will be a healthy conversation between interior elements and the surrounding architecture in any well-styled home, so we generally suggest that clients take a step back and analyze the structure (what we like to call “the bones”) of their space before making any decisions about how to remodel. It may be worth calling in an architect and/or contractor to open up walls for enhanced natural light or to add architectural detailing that can serve up a sophisticated style all its own.

2. Boost Color and Texture

We love this tip because it’s one that you can implement quickly and it usually comes at a low price point. Color, specifically, is one of the fastest and easiest way to transform a room, and we generally suggest starting with a classic, neutral base so that your unique art and accessories can infuse fun bursts of bold, beautiful hue.

Although, we love a light and bright color palette, there are times when a dark, dramatic space is just what the doctor ordered (think powder room or lounge area like the one below) and, in those cases, if you opt for a bold hue on the walls, it’s nice to pair that with neutral, yet richly textured, art pieces, rugs, and accessories.


3. Let There Be Light

Many people focus on furniture and paint and neglect lighting altogether, which is a huge no-no! Light affects how you see and experience color and texture, so it’s important to put it at the top of your priority list to ensure that you get it right. There are four different sources for light, which you can study up on here, and natural light is our absolute fave! For a dramatic change like the one you see below, we suggest removing those tried and true plantation shutters and hanging professional window treatments that allow you to fully control the flow of light into your space.


4. Edit Like a Pro

The life stories of our clients are integral to everything we create, so we try to reuse pieces of furniture and décor that hold special meaning for them whenever possible. With that being said, it’s important to take a step back and look closely at what absolutely needs to be in a space and what doesn’t. You want to honor the pieces that have been collected over time but they can often be used in fresh new ways that improve the space as a whole.

In addition, not every wall needs to be filled and not every console needs to be covered with accessories. There is beauty in simplicity and those spaces should be designed thoughtfully.


5. Layer the Love

We love spaces that feel layered and collected over time. To achieve this, we generally avoid using one style throughout an entire home, and prefer to mix a variety of styles that speak to our clients. You may have a traditional home but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it with traditional furniture, and the same goes for a contemporary home. We love bringing in a sophisticated mixture of textures and styles that create fresh, interesting spaces that tell a family’s unique story.



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