November 4, 2015

5 Holiday Kitchen Must-Haves

At MFI, our reason for the season is three-fold:
And not necessarily always in that order.
Today, we are sharing our top 5 kitchen must-haves for the holiday season that you simply can’t live without.
(Alright, you can surely live without them but you we can promise you aren’t going to want to!)1. Dramatic Lighting

Adequate lighting is key when you’re busy with meal prep and entertaining.
to mention, switching out light fixtures and adding new ones to your
current layout is an easy way to completely change the look and feel of
your space without having to commit to a costly kitchen remodel.
2. Dual Ovens and Warming Drawers
Of course you can get by with one oven, but having two makes a world of difference when Aunt Jo shows up with her famous casserole dish that requires baking and the turkey is still busy roasting.

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PS – a warming drawer will help keep your sides warm while you wait on the bird and they’re perfect for families who have a super hectic weekly schedule. Make the meal, throw it in the warmer and everyone can eat when they’re ready.


3. Pot Filler Faucet
Fill ‘er up and set ‘er down with a pot filler faucet that’s conveniently situated right above your burners.


4. Large Island
A super-sized island serves as the perfect spot for rigorous meal prep and nonstop entertaining.
Incorporate ample seating so that your guests can relax and mingle as you whip up those mashed potatoes.
5. Kitchen Wet Bar
We all know that when you’re hosting a family gathering, everyone congregates in the kitchen and near the bar.
Go ahead and make life easier on everyone and set up a bar in the kitchen.
Guests can easily mix drinks and you won’t have to make a trip to the other room to refill the ice bucket.
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