January 21, 2015

5 Tips to Achieve Bold Design

We are loving the latest CultureMap post featuring 5 tips from yours truly!Check it out live on their fabulous site:

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Five tips that will make you less of a sheep: One of Houston’s hottest designers unloads
by Barbara Kuntz
In this new periodic series, the city’s hottest interior designers offer fresh ideas to revive spaces throughout your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Let’s get started!
“Two thousand and fifteen is the Year of the Sheep, a docile animal born to follow, and although we are seeing some trends that coordinate nicely, many of this year’s design trends are anything but meek,” Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors says.
Flanigan shares her tips to ring in the New Year in style.
Mid-Century Modern
“In 2015, we expect to see Mid-Century modern elements with a twist — lounge chairs and egg chairs in interesting modern fabrics, wallpaper, textiles,” Flanigan says. “Look for tile in updated geometric patterns and wooden Mid-Century-inspired furniture with the addition of handsome metal accents.”
Black is Back
“In recent years, it’s been all about the neutral space that can be accented with an assortment of other hues,” Flanigan says. “Now, clients are looking for spaces that make a bold statement and black seems to be everyone’s go-to choice. We are using black in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom — nothing can escape this sultry shade.”

Photo via Julie Soefer Photography

 In addition to black, Flanigan says, shades from the indigo family are popping up everywhere, including rich accents of turquoise and teal spicing up the traditional “white and blue” color palette.

Photo via Julie Soefer Photography

Metals and Industrial Influence
Many furniture designers are mixing organic materials with metals. Pick up a piece of wood or woven rattan combined with any metal.
“The combination plays on the contrasting dynamic between the materials,” she says. “Soft versus strong, warm versus cold, textured versus smooth.”

Photo via Marie Flanigan Interiors

Deconstructed Living
“There is an emphasis being placed on the beauty found in form and structure that is translating to exposed light bulbs and deconstructed furniture,” Flanigan says. “These designs are raw and sexy, calling to mind a very minimalistic way of living, which can be tremendously appealing.”

“Living in Texas, we see cowhides everywhere, but it’s always exciting to see the rest of the nation taking cue,” Flanigan says.

The interest is spurring the use of hides in innovative ways, such as layering them over an existing rug or even upholstering an entire piece of furniture in an animal skin-inspired fabric.
Take a look through the images above for examples of Flanigan’s five tips as shown through some of her own finished projects.
Many thanks to Barbara Kuntz and the entire CultureMap team!

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