January 7, 2015

Little Kitchens that Pack a Big Punch

A new year brings new hopes, new dreams, and exciting new adventures, and with all of those fabulous “new things” comes a fresh perspective on the year-long journey that just came to a close.
At MFI, our first few weeks in January are spent offering up respect to where we’ve been and to the wonderful people and experiences that have brought our team to where we stand today.
It’s a busy time filled with preparation and we are incredibly excited to see where 2015 will take us.
Or rather, where we will take 2015.
 These “New Year, New You, New Everything” thoughts are everywhere and we were recently asked for some design tips that got us thinking:
Some of our absolute favorite homes to work in were built decades ago.
They have character, they have charm, and most importantly, they have a history that you can feel when you walk through the front door.
Maybe “new” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…
Don’t take this the wrong way – we love designing brand new homes and that’s a lot of what we do.
But there’s just something so fulfilling about giving a handsome old home a fresh breath of life!
In Houston, as in many cities, most of the older homes in well-established zip codes offer limited square footage, which translates to smaller, sometimes cramped living spaces and although there are many who believe that bigger is better, there is something to be said for the innovation and creativity that goes into making a smaller space feel grand.
Being one of the most frequented spaces in a home, we thought we would start with the kitchen!
Here are a few of our favorite small-scale kitchens that know a thing or two about living large:


Marie Flanigan Interiors

Small-Space Storage Solutions

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Holiday Home Decor Fall Kitchen

Marie Flanigan Interiors


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