November 11, 2014

50 Shades of Grey in the Bedroom

We recently stumbled across this gorgeous runway photo from Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2014 collection:
RL has been long respected for its timeless designs and we were so happy to see them playing with one of our very favorite colors – grey!


The collection has loads of fun experimenting with the boundaries that exist between masculine and feminine design, reminding us of one of our latest projects:
While sitting down for our initial consultation, our Uptown Park clients quickly shared their love of the clean, crisp lines one might find in a perfectly tailored suit. We took their vision to heart, creating spaces that feature more masculine furnishings elegantly balanced by soft, glamorous details.
And you can easily see what our go-to color selection happened to be for the master bedroom above –
it’s a color that graces most of the walls throughout their gorgeous home:
Grey paint can range from airy and soothing to deep and moody,
but we’ve discovered that we have a place in our hearts (and our rooms) for just about every hue.
We wish we were able to share more of this specific home with you, but we cannot!
In an effort to leave you fully inspired, here are a few grey bedrooms that we simply adore:



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