December 20, 2013

Gift Guide: Reclaimed Wooden Doors

Here’s a unique gift idea for the antique lover in your life – a reclaimed wooden door! Beloved by the West Coast, the East Coast, and every state in between, it’s a multi-purpose gift that seems to fit any style. 

Those gorgeous Houston doors were found on one of MFI’s shopping trips to Chateau Domingue.

For tons of ideas on how to incorporate a reclaimed wooden door into your home’s design, take a quick look at this Dishfunctional Designs post.

Do you have vintage doors in your home?


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  1. Really a nice and different idea. Never thought of making reclaimed doors a gift item.

  2. marie says:

    Thank you, Chris! Wouldn't you be thrilled to receive a reclaimed door for Christmas!? 🙂 If you pick one up while traveling to a special place that you share with someone, that could be even more impressive! Thanks for dropping by!

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