November 27, 2013

Trend Alert: Celebrate Personal Style

From bold colors and geometric wallpaper to all that is soothing and serene, the trend MFI is most thankful for this year is:

YOU being YOU

We love seeing clients embrace their own personal style. We are here to help properly define that style, but we always find that a space comes together impeccably when a person allows their unique story to shine through.

Every year we find our clients becoming less fearful of the unknown. There is less fear of playing with shapes, patterns, and colors. Less fear of pairing unusual styles. And we must say, we can’t get enough of it!

In the end, our lives all have a delicate and beautiful story; our goal is to help you create a home that tells yours.

On that note, we thought you may like to hear about some of the latest trends that can contribute to making a home truly unique. Here are a few design trends that we are thankful for!

Color – Specifically, bold color in the kitchen! Bold colors hold an insane amount of power and they are often reserved for other, more intimate rooms in the house. We love that they are becoming more and more prevalent on cabinets in the kitchen.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

via Houzz

Elle Decor

Reclaimed/Salvaged Wood – We are huge fans of reclaimed wood! Use this for fireplace mantels, ceiling beams, accessories, furnishings, or an entire floor. You can choose from a variety of woods that come from all over the world, using one that speaks to you on a personal level. Not to mention, you are going the environmentally friendly route…it’s a win-win!

Custom vanity with lamps on reclaimed wood
Urban BedouGirl

Reclaimed wood ceiling in a new construction.
Marie Flanigan Interiors

Gorgeous and intricate flooring!
Desire to Inspire

via Houzz

West Elm Emerson Dining Table

Rotsen Furniture

Malachite – Who can beat an incredibly rich emerald shade mixed with an intricate and artistic veining? It’s absolutely gorgeous! And from wallpaper to paperweight, it can be used in so many ways, adding a unique flair to any space.

Take a look at this fantastic post from Design Sponge detailing her Malachite Madness:

This is another trend that you can make all your own – go big or go small; but no matter how you go, go malachite!

Elle Decor

High Fashion Home

Domicilium Designs

Malachite Wallpaper

or you can go more neutral: 

Faux Bois Wallpaper
via Pinterest

Architectural Digest

via Elle Decor

Concrete – In the past, concrete was often avoided in home design, but that isn’t today’s story. Industrial, strong, and urban, concrete is popping up all over the place in homes across the country. And we must say, it looks divine!

From an entire concrete wall to a table, countertop, or chair, you can find a way to use concrete in your home.

Concrete Countertops
via Pinterest

Concrete Works

Concrete wall made to look like wooden planks
Marie Flanigan Interiors

An MFI concept board featuring a concrete table!
Marie Flanigan Interiors

Wallpaper – This trend has been “in” and “out” over the ages. We are super grateful that it looks as though it’s here to stay! When done well, wallpaper can be a frisky way to liven up a space. With today’s offerings, using colors and patterns is not the only way wallpaper can freshen up a space; you can install a neutral wallpaper that has a unique texture as well! 

Elegant and understated.
Source Unknown

Farrow and Ball Lotus

Linen textured wallpaper
via Pinterest


Cole & Son

Bold and beautiful!
Farrow and Ball Orangerie

The Modern Sophisticate

House to Home

Modernized “lattice”
Farrow and Ball

Neutral texture on an accent wall.
Urrutia Design

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into a few of the trends we are most thankful for. What trends are YOU thankful for this year? Do ours make your list?
Whatever you’re thankful for, know that we are thankful for you 🙂

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