October 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Bellaire Home Update

We have another very exciting project to showcase! This Mediterranean-style Bellaire home was built in 2000 and boasts a 5,500 square foot floor plan. The homeowners were looking for a complete update to a number of the most important spaces on the first floor, requesting a fresh, soothing, serene environment where they can comfortably relax and entertain.
Marie and Rachel have been spearheading this extensive renovation with Wiley Homes, Inc. serving as the trusted contractor, and you are in for an unreal transformation!
Demolition kicked off in August and lots of progress has been made so far.
Rooms currently undergoing redesign: Kitchen, Dining Room, Formal Living Room, Master Bedroom and Bathroom, and Master Closet.
Here are a few BEFORE photos of the spaces listed above:

A portion of the entry hall.
Formal Dining on the right. Kitchen ahead on the right.
Plan: Open up these spaces!

View into Kitchen from hallway.
Plan: All new cabinetry, tile flooring, larger island, updated floor plan.
(Concept board is featured later in this post)

Breakfast nook.
Plan: Steel doors, updated cabinetry, countertops, and furnishings.

Formal Dining
Plan: New paint and updated art and furnishings.

Entry Hall
(looking towards front door)
Plan: Steel doors and windows installed along this entire walkway.

Master Bedroom
Plan: Wood floors will be uncovered, ceiling beams installed, and updated furnishings.

Master Bath
Plan: Install antique wooden doors, updated floor plan, new cabinetry, and new tile.
(Concept board featured later in this post)

Master Bath/Double Closet
You can’t see the right side opening here.

Living Room
Plan: Steel windows and updated furnishings.

We’re sure you’re dying to see where we are today!

First, here is a look at the concept board for the updated kitchen:

These were taken when we did a post-demo site visit as the kitchen cabinets were being installed:

The opening into the kitchen was increased.
This will make the patio view even more impressive!

Installing cabinets that will now serve as the pantry.

Here are a few of the latest pics: 

Large center island with ample storage!

The new tile has been laid (you can see snippets of it) but we’re keeping it covered until construction ends.

Pantry and breakfast nook. Bar and china hutch on the right.

Steel doors to be installed in walkway soon!

Beams have also been added to the master bedroom:

These will stay covered until construction is nearly complete.

Doorway between bedroom and bathroom was widened and a fabulous antique wooden door will be installed in that space:

View from bathroom into bedroom.
More progress has been made – this was taken almost a month ago.

For reference, here are the concept boards for the master bathroom and closet (some plans have been updated since these were drafted):
Last, but definitely not least, is an update on the steel doors! They’re not fully installed and only a few have been started, but we are in love with the dramatic change we can already see taking place within the home:

A few of the old doors on their way out!

Living Room

Door in hallway near the kitchen.

What do you think so far? Let us know if you have any questions or if you want more information on any of our design selections! There is a LOT more to come!


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  1. marie says:

    Thank you so much, Natalie!

  2. Carol says:

    I can't wait to see it finished! The steel doors are stunning!

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