October 23, 2013

Designing with Black

We’re not sure if it’s the gothic undertones or the sheer intensity (scientists would say absence) of color, but black seems to be intimidating to so many, and it absolutely shouldn’t be. Black is a gorgeous addition to just about any design palette. It pairs beautifully with almost every color, and is renowned for evoking glamour, elegance, and strength.

via Jessica Helgerson Designs / photographed by Lincoln Barbour

Look how beautifully the brass accents stand out in this black and white space!

via Jessica Helgerson Designs / photographed by Lincoln Barbour

Expert Tip: Not all black paint is formulated the same. Of course, we all know this, but it’s a very important factor to keep in mind. You want a black that evokes high style, glamour, and mood, and achieving that effect has a lot to do with your personal space. Some black paints have more blue in them than others which can greatly affect how they appear on your walls in different lighting. As always, choose a variety of shades that look promising and experiment. Examine them at different times of the day and go with the one that makes your room sing.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Expert Tip: Keep your black paint matte! Gloss has its place in the design world, but it most definitely highlights imperfections, and when using a darker color like black, that could end up being a nightmare.

Remember, nothing you do is set in stone. Items can be returned and changes can always be made, so enjoy yourself and let your darker side in!


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