October 4, 2013

Color Report: Bold Paints

There seems to be a paint for every gorgeous color found on Earth! Whether you want to create a refreshing, spa-like atmosphere or a dark, moody vibe, you can find a paint ready to set the tone.
It can be overwhelming to select the perfect shades for your home, so we thought we would feature a few of our faves to help get you started! If you are interested in a neutral shade, visit last week’s post, Swoon-Worthy Neutral Hues.
If you’re hoping to find something on the darker side of the spectrum, you can stay right here where Marie, Rachel, and Lizzy share their favorite “bold beauties.”
Looking for a fabulous paint color in a particular shade? Leave your questions in the comments and we will get back to you with our suggestions!

Blues and greens make lovely additions to any home; finding the right shade is the tricky part! Test your paint options on the wall where you plan to use them. Check them in different lighting and consider how the space makes you feel when you walk in the room. 
Keep in mind that “bold” doesn’t have to mean overwhelming. Sherwin Williams Portrait Tone and Acanthus offer more color than a basic white or cream, but they are also quite soothing. 
Weeping Willow is a deep green that pairs beautifully with creams, taupes, and most shades in the beige family.
Farrow & Ball offers an elegant line of paint and wallpaper with “an unsurpassed purity and depth of color.” Their paints are beautiful and unique. Check them out if you are looking for something refreshingly different! 

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