The Finer Points with Whitney Port

Introducing my latest blog series, The Finer Points, a collection of intimate conversations with the influencers, tastemakers, and trailblazers that dedicate their lives to inspiring moments of beauty. From designers of every kind to chefs, entrepreneurs, artists, and more, I will be sitting down to discuss where these creatives draw inspiration, what fuels their passion for detail, and how they master the finer points of life at work and in the home.

Finer Points Whitney Port Baby
I’m so excited to be kicking things off with a woman who wears a ton of hats – figuratively speaking, of course, although she rocks the real ones in perfect form as well! Fashion designer, lifestyle blogger, spirited entrepreneur, and devoted wife and mommy, Whitney Port  is a modern-day Wonder Woman! Funny enough, we connected on Instagram and that e-meeting developed into an exciting collaboration – we are in the process of transforming key rooms in her family’s new Studio City house into posh, Whit-approved spaces and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Finer Points Whitney Port Baby
Amid the chaos of purchasing and designing a new home, keeping up with her blog and various personal projects, and bringing a beautiful baby into the world, Whitney made time to sit down and share a few words about what continues to inspire her. Scroll on for a list of items she can’t live without and what we can expect to see from her in the coming year!

Marie Flanigan: How would you describe your personal style?

Whitney Port: My style is constantly evolving. Right now, it’s a mix of Cali Ranch Style and Modern Bohemian – if that makes any sense! I used to love a mix of lots of color and texture and now I’m more drawn to neutrals, but definitely a lot of textural mixing. I always want everything to be comfortable, functional and cozy first and foremost.

MF: Where do you turn for inspiration?

WP: I LOVE Pinterest and Instagram for discovering new designers and ways of doing things! Marie and I found each other on Instagram and it has been so fun drawing inspiration from her aesthetic and mixing it with mine.

MF: Who has been a key influencer of your style?

WP: Fashion wise, I love women like Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth. In terms of interior designers, I love Marie ( duh ;), Kelly Wearstler, Becki Owens and Amber Lewis.

MF: What are 4 or 5 things you can’t live without?

WP: Hmmmm, good question! My Bundle Organics Juices, fresh flowers from Bloom2Bloom in my house all the time, Vanilla Iced Lattes with whole milk, bi-weekly manicures and pedicures and deep tissue massages!

MF: What do you believe makes any house feel like home?

WP: Well, most importantly, happy families that live in them! But in terms of material things: comfy couches, stocked fridges, soft sheets and open kitchens!

MF: What can we look forward to seeing next?  Any new exciting projects on the horizon?

WP: Yes! Marie and I are working hard on making our house a beautiful home and I cant wait to share it all!! I never thought renovating could be so fun.

As you can imagine, the design process has slowed down a bit (and rightly so) with baby Sonny on the scene, so those reno updates will have to wait! But for now, we’re staying busy “ooo-ing and ahh-ing” over this handsome little man:

Finer Points Whitney Port Baby

I hope you enjoyed our first installment of The Finer Points! There’s so much more to come but I’m curious – who would you like to hear from next?


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